Arcam irDAC

Arcam irDAC
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Arcam irDAC


Product of the Year, Awards 2013. A brilliantly talented DAC with bags of sonic appeal – its main rivals should be worried

Tremendous sense of timing ; A full-bodied, precise and punchy sound ; Loads of detail ; Wide selection of inputs ; Excellent build quality

Cheap-feeling remote control

Some products are impressive from the moment they’re powered up. The irDAC is one of those – the way it sucks you in and encourages to keep listening is a rare talent and one you can’t afford to ignore.

hcc best buy

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Arcam irDAC review


Having left the DAC market alone for the best part of twenty years, Arcam is making up for lost time with an increasingly extensive range. The latest arrival is the irDAC that replaces the earlier iDAC. While it looks similar, the irDAC boasts more...


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Arcam irDAC review


Excellent sound quality, and we like the remote control, but great-sounding cheaper devices exist

Conveniently, the irDAC comes with all the cables you'll need to use it, including a TOSlink cable for optical S/PDIF, a USB lead, a coaxial cable and a stereo RCA phono cable. If you've got a lot of different digital audio sources and want to make the...


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Arcam irDAC Review


Arcam's latest DAC might be all the digital you ever need.

Excellent sound quality ; Useful set of connections ; Well built and handsome design

Slight lack of bass weight ; No preamp or headphone functionality ; Sounds a little ruthless with low bitrates

At a time when most companies are offering us DACs that are digital to analog convertors with something else in the mix - preamps, headphone amps, streamers etc, the irDAC is a model of simplicity. The Arcam is ‘just’ a DAC but where it matters, it is...

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Arcam irDAC


Enkelt og smukt design, som oser af kvalitet.

Al musik. uanset genre, lyder bare rigtigt og serveres med en uanstrengt naturlighed, dynamik og smittende spilleglæde. Musikere og stemmer står krystalklart i det store stereoperspektiv, og selv de mindste detaljer træder tydeligt frem

Ingen – specielt ikke til den pris


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