Audiolab 8300A

Audiolab 8300A
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Audiolab 8300A review


Audiolab's latest stereo amp shows plenty of muscle, but how does it compare to the class-leaders?

Plenty of muscle ; Clean and crisp sound ; Fine build and finish ; Sensible range of features

Sound isn’t the most engaging around

The 8300A is a hugely capable product but sacrifices a little too much fun for our tastes


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Audiolab 8300A


Få forsterkere har den samme historien som Audiolab-forsterkeren. En gang et ikon, her i en helt ny versjon.

Nydelig klang og smellvakker vokalgjengivelse med velbalansert lydbilde

Med litt blek dynamisk kontrast, mangler den sprut og liv


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Audun Hage (

Test av Audiolab 8300A


Få förstärkare har samma historia som den här från Audiolab. En gång en ikon, nu i en helt ny version.

Vacker klang och underbar röståtergivning i en välbalanserad ljudbild.

Aningen blek dynamisk kontrast gör att det saknas fart och fläkt.


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Super amplifier with great style.


Love the understated style of this amp but the real joy is how effortless it performs, the Audiolab 8300 adds nothing to the recording that's not on the recording I find myself listen at a louder level because there is no distortion, another feature of...


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Very impressed.


I had the Audiolab 8000A for 32 years and thought maybe now is the time for an upgrade and again went for an Audiolab. Very pleased I did. Great sound and I am now looking forward to revisiting my music library. Very impressed.


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Good AB Amplifier, great set of Analogue features


Stereo Imagine is good, with great bass control. The sound is clear and very accurate, but not as full bodied as some rivals. The phono stage is good enough not to warrant an external phono stage. The Bi-Wiring options is good for my B&W Speakers as it...


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Thanks Richer Cheltenham.


Having recently bought a new turntable and speakers it was time for a new amp to do them justice. The staff at Richer Sounds Cheltenham are all helpful and service is always good, however Richard was an absolute star on this occasion, allowing me to...


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Excellent sound


Does appear to be very musical amp for playing CD's, streaming music, watch TV and Movies. Benefits from giving a bit of volume to get the best sound. Paired with Tannoy Revolution floorstanders and other comparable separates. Definitely sounds like a...


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wanted a replacement for my 20 year old Sherwood which has been a good amp but started loosing the right channel! The Audiolab is so simple and has such a good sound...detail is stunning...vinyl is so warm and detailed! glad I spent a little bit more...


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Very pleased with amp amazing sound and very good value for money