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Aune B1
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Best portable amplifier I have heard to date


This amplifier is a jaw breaker from my perspective. Ok, there are some areas where you can find better. It doesn't shine with very, very efficient IEMs, and of course it won't amplify HE6. However, if you will be using it with a moderate power...

Natural sound, excellent bass, superb midrange, very clean, good details, spacious and natural soundstage

positioning of volume knob and gain switches are not very fortunate


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Small powerhouse that provides tube like sound and musicality but with the ease of use of a solid state.


Firstly I must give a large and heartfelt thank you to both @AuneAudio for approving me a period with this and @nmatheis for organizing things in a way so that my time with this corresponded with the Carolina Canfest 5 audio meet that was being hosted...

Amazing sound and build quality

Aluminum strip on the back can lead to scratches, un-indicating indicating light for the battery


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Wonderfully Clean and Powerful AMP


This is a true Class A amp that is in a class of it's own! I have put in a good 5 hours of straight listening with the B1 with all types of music just using my Creative Aurvana 3. I used these on purpose on the high gain to see if it would make a...

Clean, Fast, Quiet, Dark, Powerful for IEM's,

Volume Knob, Battery Percentage Status


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Aune B1 Quick Review


DISCLAIMER I was provided the Aune B1 as part of a mini-tour @money4me247put together after he reviewed the B1. I am in no way affiliated with Aune, and this is my honest opinion of the B1. I would like to thank @money4me247 for giving me the chance to...

Unique aesthetics. Powerful. Good soundstage and separation.

Mid-centric. Plastic volume knob and switches don't inspire confidence. Too powerful for IEM.


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A very good Class A portable amp


Aune B1 If you've ever wondered how a Class A, discrete amp would sound with your portable music rig, Aune has given you the chance with the B1. While I'm not going to go into the details of Class A nor comparisons to other amp types (Class AB, Class...

Sound, Build Quality

Low battery life, Large.


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A bit of suprise...


Disclaimer: 1. This is an Aune B1 Canadian tour unit. The tour was organized by hakushondaimao, and many thanks for his efforts. I had the B1 for a week and as the last tour member I sent it back to hakushondaimao. This review is not a required...


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Der B1 ist ein potenter Kopfhörerverstärker mit geringen Schwächen im Design


AUNE B1 / Portable Headphone Amplifier Vorwort: Portable Kopfhörerverstärker sind in den letzten Jahren zu einem neuen Phänomen im Bereich der HiFi bzw. Kopfhörercommunity geworden. Kaum ein renommiertes Unternehmen hat es sich nehmen lassen, einen...

genug Leistung für die meisten Kopfhörer

Kanalschwankungen im untersten Lautstärkebereich, Schwächen im Design


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Great IEM/Headphone amplifier for the money.


Intro: I have spent adequate amounts of time with the B1, mainly after working so it was something I used to relax. I have an AK100ii I compared it with with a JH13. The Cayin C5 is having a few problems right now so I felt that it was not best to test...

Clear mids, great bass control

A bit too big for portable, volume knob could've been better.


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Class "A" - Class "A" Results


Let's ruin the surprise: I'm buying an Aune B1 the moment the nice folks at Aune Audio show up at my door demanding their demo unit back. I can't stop playing it and there's one huge reason: The Aune B1, against all expectations, makes my Audeze LCD-X...

Class "A"; inexpensive/cheap; robust; BIG sound; simple to use; drives tough to drive headsets with ease

Runs warm (class A); short battery life (*fixable); not your first choice for IEM


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A Solid "Portable" Amplifier for the Price, With a Unique Twist


DISCLAIMERI received this B1 unit for a two-week period in order to provide Aune with some feedback on it in the form of a review. Details of the opportunity can be found here in the original...

Overall aesthetics, sound quality, silent background, discrete Class A design, Class A switch sonic characteristics, voltage output, price

Build quality, volume knob, not stackable, thickness, too much gain, current output, I/O placement, battery life, battery charge time, charge noise