FiiO E12 Mont Blanc

FiiO E12 Mont Blanc
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Fiio E12 Mont Blanc - A Worthy Flagship


BACKGROUND I needed something to power my Superlux HD330. My smartphone back then is a Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8. Audio from the phone is quite clean and decent but I did not think that it's powering the 150 ohm HD330 properly. It's loud enough at close...

Neutral, soundstage, great accessories, solid build, undetectable channel imbalance (if there's any)

Gain switch and crossfeed are recessed (needs pointed object to switch)


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Nice portable amp for the price


Plenty of power for a portable amp

May not be good for IEMs or very sensitive headphones


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A great buy if you want to enjoy music. E12a Mont Blanc


FiiO Mont Blanc for IEM E12a $159.99 When you pick up the Mont Blanc you feel like you have something substantial in your hand. Not that is is overly heavy, no, it is conveys the impression that this thing is meant to last, is not some cheap plastic...

Organic and very enjoyable at conveying the recording.


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Great Sound and great value for money


So a couple of friends loaned me the E12 a month or two back and I have been listening them on various rigs and familiarising with them over a while, I'm not that experienced in the portable realm but will do my best to give you a clear picture of the...

Bass boost is pretty well implemented, powerful and good drive capabilities, nice warm sound

still won't drive everything, E12 regular edition has audible hiss which is fixed in the DIY version


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Great value


A great addition to my portable setup, it really brings my rockboxed ipod classic to life. As this is my first amp it makes listening to my music more pleasurable.

Good battery, Sleek, Great sound improvement

None as yet


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Will not disappoint!


If anybody has read my reviews than you know that I'm not an audiophile whatsoever, I just enjoy listening to music and I love audio and how it works. So let's start off the review, So this is my first headphone amplifier, and I heard its a Good model...

amazing construction, neutral sounding, and it comes with many accessories.

may not have the sound signature everybody likes.


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The that you need, for the price that you have


Introduction: FiiO is one of the most popular companies in the world of headphone audio. Their products come with unmatched performance for the price. They want to deliver great products that fans will love by listening to them on Head-Fi and other...

High power output, bassy sound, option switches, sleek looking, great universal sound

Noise during charging, option switches are recessed, build isn't totally smooth.


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Excellent product for the price


FiiO E12 Mont Blanc – Review Posted on October 14, 2013by HeadMania Hey guys, I had my eyes on FiiO E12 for a long time now, since I've seen the little fellow at Sandu'splace. I remember I tried it with LCD-2 at that time and it could drive them quite...

Good build quality & design, good PRAT, detailed & airy sound , good instrument separation, powerfull

none at that price


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Holy SoundStage


I am coming from a Fiio e11 which is a powerful little amp and this is an amazing upgrade. For this review my set up is a 6th Gen Nano with an L9 to the e12 switching between a pair of UE Superfi 5eb and ultrasone580s (I cant wait for my XB1000s to...

Sound stage, sub bass, clarity

Size, Volume


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The Power of Zeus in your Pocket!


Here's my long-delayed E12 review on an early pre-order model. I waited to get a good feel with many songs before posting this, and a good feel for how the amp affects the sound presentation. I tested it with my standard playlist to get a reference...

It's like an E9 in your pocket, with lower output impedance, a crossfade feature, a boost to counter sub-bass roll off, for just $30 more

Slim, but not the easiest to use from within jeans pockets. Bass boost is subtle. Vs cheaper amps, small improvement for easy-to-drive headphones


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