Pioneer VSX-S520

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Pioneer VSX-520 review


Three 3D-ready HDMI sockets are part of the decent spec list for the Pioneer VSX-520

Solid build ; automatic speaker calibration ; focused, direct sound ; three 3D HDMI inputs.

Lacks the punch, scale and dynamics of the top amps at this money ; speaker terminals detract from the build quality

A solid performer, but sounds a little underwhelming compared to its rivals.


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Pioneer VSX-520-K Receiver First Look


One of our favorite things is to see the trickle down of technology. Sure it sometimes happens way to slow for our liking, but occasionally a manufacturer makes a leap that literally floors us. Pioneer has done that before, and it looks like they are...

Pioneer seems to be pushing the envelope of what we can expect in an entry-level receiver. We really think they have cut the right corners with the Pioneer VSX-520-K. While we think a lot of users will miss the MCACC auto setup, we think the inclusion...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Tom Andry (

Pioneer VSX-520-K Receiver Preview


We really think Pioneer has cut the right corners with the Pioneer VSX-520-K. You can add surround back/height channels, Bluetooth control, and with HDMI 1.4 it is ready for 3D all for $229.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Danny Philips (

Pioneer VSX-520 review


A sexy, feature-packed AVR from Pioneer with sizzling sound

Classy design ; decent sound quality ; sports a healthy feature count

Springclip speaker terminals ; lacks a little punch ; no OSD

Pioneer's 2010 receivers are the best looking on the market, and that applies even to the bottom-end of the range, represented by the VSX-520


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Pioneer VSX-520-K review


The VSX-520-K isn't Pioneer's cheapest AV receiver, but its three HDMI 1.4a inputs plus decoding of Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD MA soundtracks makes it more appealing than the 420-K, which costs £50 less but only has two HDMI 1.3 inputs and can't decode...

Competent, but the better-sounding Onkyo SR308 makes it seem overpriced


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Pioneer VSX-S520 Review


The Pioneer VSX-S520 is the slimmest AV receiver on the market, which makes it a good choice if your home entertainment center has little space to spare. However, its size comes with some downsides – it's not very powerful, only has four HDMI inputs...

This is the most compact AV receiver on the market.

It doesn’t have enough power to create great home surround sound.

The Pioneer VSX-S520 is a good fit if you plan on using smaller speakers to build a 5.1 system.


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Sounds Amazing


When I first bought this system, I was using two Sony bookshelf speakers in 2.0 configuration, and they sounded Ok. I decided I needed surround sound, so I bought the Klipsch HD 300 speakers. Good speakers make all the difference. Also if you're using...

The sound quality of this system redefined my definition of good sound. It has plenty of inputs for me, and switches HDMI. It is 3D capable if I ever decide to buy into that scam. The receiver doesn't cause lag between my PC and my HDTV

The FM reciever is not very sensitive ; The Bluetooth module is another $100 ; Ever since I bought this, other systems I thought were great just seem mediocre now


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great for the $$$


review is not a play by play for why it is a good value, just reinforcing other reviews that it is, indeed, a good value.

does what it should and more for the money

none at this price point


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Great receiver


I hope it lasts me many years, and it is future proof with 3D and HDMI 1.4.

This is a great receiver, it has become my hub for my entertainment system. It has crisp and clear sound

Won't do Dolby trueHD from my ps3, but that's my ps3's fault since the older fat models can't decode it


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I'm not mad, just disapointed


Returned defective unit for replacement after trying other every other possible issue for 2 weeks. After a few days my RMA status showed as Approved with a replacement coming. After a day it still stated replacement but had not updated with shipping...

Wide variety of inputs, 3D ready, came with free Bluetooth adapter. Lots of decode options, inluding TrueHD and DTS-HD and passthrough of surround LPCM (for PS3, which decodes internally and sends the uncompressed signal to receiver) to speakers

Had multiple video connection issues on HDMI connection. Whenever input was shanged or source reset video connection roughly 60% of the time receiver would output an "Invalid Signal" output severely distorted video, output video with with layer of pink...