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Schiit Vali
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Phenomenal value for the money


Equipment Used Source Modi DAC Headphones Hifiman HE-300 Fit and Finish As you guys probably already know, the fit and finish on this unit is fantastic. I was really impressed with the Vali from the get go. The stack looks very elegant and doesn't feel...

Superb amp, very smooth and clear

can have some ringing, takes a bit of time to warm up


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Value for Money


This is my first tube amp. It does not sound warm and soft, as I expected but dynamic and "fast". It had troubles when driving my headphones at insane sound levels, but after replacing the power adapter, from 16V A/C 500 mA to a 15V 1A, this tube amp,...

Sounds terrific

Minor lack of power


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Vali Defies & Surpasses Expectations


Way overdue review. I've had a lot of tube amps. Love 'em. Constantly trying to find gear combos that just make me happy to listen to my music. The Vali is one of those pieces of kit that I roll into my listening. It has not always blown me away when...

Sound. Price, Size, Customer Service.

You might come in expecting too much from it.


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Well Built, Great Sounding Tube Amp, For An Outstanding Price


Greetings everyone. I'm perhaps the newest member of the Vali admiration society. I ordered mine directly from Schiit on a Friday and received it on Saturday ( How is that for service?) I'm rather new to headphone amplifiers and my only means of...

Made in the USA. Reasonably priced. Super easy to use. Did I mention it's made in the USA!!

Addicting. Has caused me to completely revisit my music collection.


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Great with AKG Q701!


I've been looking for an amp to pair with my AKG Q701, and Vali was highly recommended by the users.Now I know why....Before vali,I was using Fiio e12/X3 combo.(yeah I know it's portable) Fiio e12 and X3 There was a noticeable improvement this combo...

See the review

see the review


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Best of the Bunch


I've been reading so many replies and reviews how the O2, Magni and Vali sound the same. After weeks of listening to all of them, (yes I have them all) they are all not exactly the same . I've been using the same music and all else in the system is the...

Sounds Better than Magni

Tubes will Eventually Die But are Replaceable by Schiit, Less Powerful of the Bunch


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A Titan Amongst Sub 150 Dollar Amps


Very few times in this hobby have I run across a piece of gear that's turned me into a rabid raving lunatic fan boy. The Vali is a nondescript no frills entry level tube amp weighing in at a lowly 119.00 bones. Whats special about this little amp is...

great price, nice full bass, excellent pairing with the Q701,

tube ringing when plugging in headphones.


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I like it, with major caveats


An interesting introduction for me to tube sound. No idea if this is a faithful representation of the genre. When I turned it on it the first time, left channel had lots of hiss. But the signal was equal in both channels, when playing music. So I...

Interesting sound



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Great for the price!


SCHIIT VALI iMac > Fidelia/Vox>Nuforce Icon DAC> Schiit Vali>Yamaha HPH MT220 iMac > Vox > JDS LABS ODAC> Schiit Vali> Yamaha HPH MT220 PROS AND CONS: - harmless or non hindering - tiny bit of tube flavor(don't expect a lot) -...

Transparency, scalability, simplicity

wow factor, microphonics,overhyped but still good


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It's OK


Sounds great with the modded AKG Q701. Nearly as good with that as my main amp that originally cost $350. Impressive! In fact, the Vali added nothing to the sound of the modded Q701, which is perfect. I would say the resulting sound is similar to that...

see review

see review