Sony STR-DH750

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Great Receiver


I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good 7.2 receiver.

I bought this for $299.00 in 02/2015 from Newegg. It is a wonderful receiver. I have my media center computer connected to it as well as my turntable. The sound is superb whether watching a movie on my big projections screen or watching and listening...

I would like to to play a little louder to cover the noise from the hot tub, But I can hear it with no trouble.


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Nice receiver for surround sound


Would recommend to others. Maybe they can figure this stuff out. Open to any possible solutions.

Great sound great features

Wish it was easier to sink the whole tv-cable-receiver. Can't get a Panasonic flat screen tv to sink with the surround sound. When I turn on the tv/cable with the remote the receiver starts muting the sound off and on nessitating the restart of the...


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died within 5 days


- Could have simply gotten a "bad one", but then again maybe it was soo low cost because it was made of really cheap components. Just glad it died within the 30 day time period.

- low cost

- malfunctioned in less than 5 days.


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Great Modern Starter Receiver


Want to note that in order to get all my speakers working from any two channel source on the old receiver, required a series of splitters and adapters to trick the system into thinking it was receiving 5.1 sound. This is all done by changing a setting...

Lots of features, 7.2, settings for bi-amp front hi and los (for bookshelf or floorstanding speakers with 2 pair of terminals on the back), Bluetooth. Seems very solid and well built. Bluetooth music works great and this receiver can convert the 2...

Controls. Not one control can do everything, I.e., the Bluetooth app does most things, the remote most things, and I have still yet to figure out how to easily modify the radio settings. A lot of other settings are very complicated. Replacing a very...


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I love it.


Very happy with my purchase. I got it on sale, but I would probably recommend people either wait for the sale price on this or just pull the trigger. Either way they won't be disappointed.

It is just what I wanted in a receiver, and it didn't cost an arm and a leg either. Bluetooth controller is pretty cool, my music sounds great, hookups are easy to use (I bought banana plugs and love them). All in all no complaints.

Only thing I can think of is the front HDMI port charges my phone/device very slowly. Not really much of a con as I rarely use it to charge, and definitely not worth an egg.


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nice unit


sounds good look nice, blue tooth feature is sweet.

speaker auto setup didn't work with the provided microphone, I had to manually set up the speakers.


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Sounds Good


Bluetooth is a cool feature sound good im happy

speaker autosetup was hard to do with the microphone provided, I had to set up the speakers manually. I going to dock it 1 egg.


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receiver review


This receiver is a great buy for the money, it is easy to connect to a TV with HDMI and automatically selects the type of audio that is sent via the cable set top box.. also is blue tooth enabled so plays songs from your phone.. I'm very pleased with...


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Good system


My old system was the same thing, it went goofy, so we replaced it with the same item. I have been very happy with this product.


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The reciever is high tech. Sounds great with my old bose cube speaker


Product Specifications


Äänilähdön kanavat:7.2
Vastaanottimen tyyppi:Surround


HDMI out:1
HDMI ulos:1
Komposiittivideon ulostulo:1


Kaiuttimien liitännän tyyppi:Banana

Optinen asema

Sisältää optisen aseman:Ei

Paino ja mitat

Tuotteen korkeus:15,6
Tuotteen leveys:43
Tuotteen paino:8,1
Tuotteen syvyys:32,9


Sisältää RDS -virittimen:Kyllä
Tuetut radiotaajuudet:AM, FM



Tekniset tiedot

Äänen paluukanava (ARC):Kyllä
Äänidekooderit:Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS 96/24, DTS-ES (Discrete 6.1), DTS-ES (Matrix 6.1), DTS-HD
Apple telakointi-yhteensopivuus:iPhone, iPod
Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL):Kyllä
Tuotteen väri:Musta


Ääni sisään (V,O):4
Digitaalinen koaksiaaliaudio sisään:1
HDMI in:4
Komposiittivideo sisääntulo:2
Optinen digitaalinen ääni sisään:2
USB-porttien määrä:1


LAN (kiinteä):Ei