Sony Shake 33

Sony Shake 33
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Words can't describe how much it changes your music and movie experience,you have to ferl it yet alone listen to it for yourself.Works well with my sony 65inch curve tv.I don't like it i love it.Great product period.


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I have the oringial Sony mini shelf system man the thing still works I want to upgrade to this new one it looks so sweet oh by the way that oringial Sony mini shelf system is hooked up to my Playstaion 2 and that's still working too .....


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Best Ever


Love the Sony Shake 44d. it has Mic input, aux, and clear sound. Best Purchase ever. just sad that the sound from PC through aux is soft..but that's a miner


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Very disappointing


I have Sony Shake33 and am very disappointed and frustrated by some of its functions; it cannot connect to the television, I assumed that it would have the basic interfaces such as HDMI to allow you to connect to other contemporary devices! It is a let...


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Sony Shake 33 review


A fantastic looking machine that sounds even better, the sound output is amazing & is great quality too. The light up speakers are great for parties. Downside is no optical input & no input for microphones or guitars (which would have made it the...


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Very loud tough system


I have had two of these so far, first being faulty where one of the tweeters didn't work and had to send everything back, the second also faulty but awaiting repair as the aux connections at the back have some sort of loose connection. Really waited a...


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Good system, but the missing mic was a dissapointm


I bought this system recently and it was after I got home and installed the system, I discovered there was no input for a microphone. I was disappointed at Sony because of such a high end audio system like this with no microphone input.


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Good product but I cannot make it work with my PC


I connected it to my phone and it works fine. But I am trying to use it to play music from the computer but it does not work, I am able to make the bluetooth connection but windows keeps asking me for additional drivers. Inside device manager it shows...


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I bought the system because my old stereo was just that old. And that was a sony and I've had no problems with it. The shake is powerfull and clear as well as looking like a sexy piece of kit. I'm very happy with it and hope to have it as long as my...


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Sony SHAKE-33


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