Samsung Blu-ray BD-J5900

Samsung Blu-ray BD-J5900
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Samsung BD-J5900 review


Times are tough for the humble 1080p Blu-ray disc. This year it's being attacked from two fronts: streaming apps like Netflix and the approach of a brand new 4K disc format . Sales of Blu-ray discs declined ten percent last year and show no signs of...

The Samsung BD-J5900 is one of the fastest Blu-ray players we've tested for under a hundred dollars. The unit offers decent streaming options, and only a dedicated streaming box will do it better for the same money. Image quality is excellent.

The design is unattractive, and the player doesn't offer any basic indicators, not even power. The ergonomics of the remote and the user interface -- especially the "seek" function -- could be improved. Some rivals offer better features for the same...

The Samsung BD-J5900 offers excellent image quality, speedy disc access and great bang for the buck.


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Samsung BD-J5900 review

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The Samsung BD-J5900 is a curved Blu-ray player, a new design for 2015, intended to complement Samsung's range of curved 4K TVs and sound bars. Aside from built-in wi-fi and the ability to mirror the screen of a phone or tablet on to the TV, it shares...


TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

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Samsung BD-J5900 Review


Although we aren't fans of the Samsung BD-J5900's design, it has an impressive feature set, an app store, an intuitive menu and Dolby TrueHD support. Its video quality is strong, despite not supporting 4K content natively.

This player supports both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD.

It sports a gaudy curved design.

The Samsung BD-J5900 offers excellent video quality and boots quickly, and its downloadable apps make it versatile and convenient.


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Samsung BD-J5900


Alround good



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Samsung BD-J5900


Easy to use, great for watching Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as good quality DVD/Blu-ray player. Really happy overall with it, I would recommend. The player itself is sleek looking and compact, quick to start up. Good value for money.

There is no light on the front to tell you if it is on/off - few times I think I have turned off and it is still running. Not the worst thing. Also, sometimes it forgets your network and you have to reconnect, this only take a few minutes and in the...


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Samsung BD-J5900


Ease of use

The look is a bit boring.


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Samsung BD-J5900


Easy to set up easy to use

As other people said no light to tell you when power on very strange


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Samsung BD-J5900


We cant keep it connected to netflix it worked for about a week and then stopped connecting


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Samsung BD-J5900


Menu is laid out well and is easy to navigate

No screen on front of player so you can't always tell if the player has turned off


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Samsung BD-J5900


Easy to set up & works well Small footprint

Feels very cheap No rubber feet on rear, so will potentially scratch the surface it's placed on No power led so have to have TV on to establish if it is on or off No eject button on remote so have to eject via button on front of unit. Then because of...


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