Sony DPF-D72

Sony DPF-D72
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alaTest on kerännyt ja analysoinut 16 arvostelut tuotteelle Sony DPF-D72. Keskimääräinen antama arvosana tälle tuotteelle on 4.6/5, verrattuna keskimääräiseen arvosanaan 3.9/5 kategoriassa Digitaalinen Kuvakehykset.

Keskimääräisesti, käyttäjät antavat tälle tuotteelle arvosanaksi 92/100.

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Sony DPF-D72


Cadre photo numérique avec écran LCD haute résolution. Grande capacité mémoire, recherche de photos aisée et large éventail de modes d'affichage. Stockez davantage d'images grâce à la capacité de la mémoire de votre cadre photo numérique. Vos plus...

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Quality Gift to Quality Friend


Watch out for hot deals. You will like this so much that you will get the next one soon.

Quality,Quality, Quality, Quality, Quality, Quality, Quality, Quality, Quality, Quality - SONY is known for its quality, what else can I say ; Crisp pictures, nice features - love the clock and Calendar settings. 'Sony' logo disappears like magic when...

I dont own one


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good but not great


Sleek design, comprehensive menus, not overloaded with useless features, clear pictures, good price

For one thing, there is no USB connection for USB memory sticks. So there's that ; This picture does not display all JPEG's. I would say about 5% of the pics on my memory card cannot be displayed. Instead, I get a white cube with a lightning bolt down...


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Plug and Play


Gave this as a Valentine's gift. It couldn't have been easier. Just plugged this into the computer, drug a bunch of Facebook photos onto it and it started a slideshow. Image quality is great and paying a little extra for Sony quality is always worth it



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My wife got me this as a Christmas gift. I got her the DPF-D70 for Mother's day and I was impressed with the picture quality. Since the DPF-D70 is no longer available she got me the DPF-D72N for my office. I have seen other digital frames and none of...

My only gripe with this frame is that the viewable space is specified as 7", same as the DPF-D70, but when I compared it to my wife's and used a ruler, the screen space on the DPF-D72 is slightly smaller


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A Brothers Art Storage


Makes over sized pictures look amazing. Many display options, clocks, calendars, backgrounds. Holds many images. Also like how the Sony label on the front goes black when turned sideways for a clean vertical look ; Came exactly as described

Bought it for my brother and not myself


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Brilliant picture quality


This is an excellent digital picture frame. The picture quality is superb and the device is highly configurable. I currently have over 1440 pictures randomly displaying from a 2Gb SD card. The internal memory holds 1Gb itself so there is a lot of scope.

holds a lot of photos, highly configurable



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Sony DPF-D72N


Received this as a Christmas present - very pleased with it. Using it as a calendar and a clock. Viewing images as and when we want to

Not aware of any - not found anything as yet

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Incornicia i tuoi ricordi tra le gemme....


PREMESSAFinora ho sempre acquistato le cornici digitali per fare dei regali,quando mi mancavano le idee. Io stessa ne ho ricevuta una da parte di mio marito, corredata di tutte le nostre foto...Ad essere sincera, non mi sono mai sentita attratta ver ...

ottima qualiṭ delle immagini



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Sony DPF-D72


super handig en mooi fotolijstje


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