Miele CVA 4060

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Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)

Bitterly disappointed


Nice coffee machine.....when it works. Efficient, simple, elegant, but not very hot! Purchased in 2010 for $3500+ Repaired twice under warranty, three times since. Waiting 9 months for repairs - no longer able to contact Miele authorised service...


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)



The CVA4060 coffee machine is the most useless piece of equipment I ever purchased cost over $3000 to purchase in 2010 has cost over $2000 in repairs and parts so far Just spent $740 last week without the machine for one week supposedly repaired on the...


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)

Disappointed with Operating instructions manual and after sales.


The instructions says on page 54, "if you set the automatic rinsing function to off, you have to rinse the brew unit manually". Ignor this, because if you turn it on, it still means you have to rinse the brew unit manually or it will cost you another...

Tasty Coffee.

Instruction book transulation poor, contradicting re cleaning and care. Milk not hot enough and messy.


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)



iled. Never again. PS. I have no complaints about the other Miele equipment, they have all functioned well to their credit.

Neat and looks the part.

Slow coffee making machine - outrageously expensive and unreliable in my view.


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)



Not worth the money! Would never let anyone I know buy one. Rather get a manual machine from a Italian manufacturer.

It makes ok coffee to a certain point

Dont buy one of these machines they are fine until a certain point and then the problems start Miele service centres are beyond pathetic as they cant fix the problems once they star and all you do is pay and pay and pay. I was warned before I bought...


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)



This machine grinds it own coffee beans (it doesn't use Nespresso coffee pods). Where to start! I've experimented with a few types of coffee beans but have now settled on Lavazza Cremae Aroma a smooth flavoursome coffee. To begin with I felt that the...

Because I like my coffee, I seem to have to fill the water dispenser fairly often. I guess the advantage of this is that the water is always clean. When descaling the machine which one is required to do after it has dispensed 150 cups of coffee, it...


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)



I like the machine but I would not have bought it if I had been told about the global fault with the descaling program.

Custom settings for a great cup of coffee

There is a problem with the Miele which needs replacing in every system. I wouldn't buy this until it is fixed.


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)



The high level of automation means that this machine will enable you to produce the same quality result every time. We had to install within a limited depth of cupboard and the height of a microwave - this was the only coffee machine that would fit.

The CLEANING program,(for degreasing the Brew Unit) once started, cannot be reset or stopped. Somehow, we confused the automation and it paused forever near the end of the cycle until the master switch was used to switch the machine off and on again....


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)



Brilliant! German engineering at its best. It is one of the most expensive machines on the market...but for those of us who love coffee...small price to pay.

Where do I start..the perfect cup of coffee..custom set by you for you..every morning. Love it. it is also very impressive unit to look at. It froths very well and the machine is getting better every day for me...just love it.

If I have one criticism is that the cleaning is very germanic in its adherance to process...but the benefits of a clean machine outweigh this issue in my opinion. other issue is that I had to change to decaf due to the hindreds of cups I was having...


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productervaring.nl)

Miele CVA 4060


lekkere koffie

sinds 3 jaar in bezit van Miele CVA 54060. Lekkere koffie, tot begin deze week. Koffiemaalsysteem aan gort, afvalbakje niet meer te verwijderen, geen beweging meer in te krijgen. Miele wil wel helpen, maar dan wel even betalen. Das schandaling voor...