Acoustic Energy AE 100 SE

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Keskimääräisesti, käyttäjät antavat tälle tuotteelle arvosanaksi 89/100.

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Acoustic Energy AE100 review


A surprising sonic performance at odds with some unassuming looks.

Clear, solid, driving sound ; Good timing and agility ; Evenly balanced ; Discreet design ; Can be placed against a back wall

Lack outright subtlety and space

Enthusiastic sound belies the unassuming aesthetic of these competent budget standmounters


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Acoustic Energy AE100 Standmount Speaker Review


Acoustic Energy deliver another great budget speaker with the AE100

Lovely midrange coherence and tonality ; Attractive ; Easy to drive

Sightly soft at the frequency extremes ; Won't flatter poor equipment ; Limited finish options


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Acoustic Energy AE100


After 15 years still superb sounding speakers. No colouring with beautifull soundstage. Very depending on high quality app. I use them with a REL Q200 sub and Onkyo A9555 amp and solid core (self build) speaker cable. Sound is heavenly! Each CD is...


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Acoustic Energy AE100


Well actually I'm updating my AE100i review from quite a long ago. Warning! Very long one here!


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Acoustic Energy AE100


I auditioned them with those speakers above, with about 3 different settings.


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Acoustic Energy AE100


I am a sprouting home theatre enthusiast that has been constantly plagued by the upgrade bug. Hoping to stem the continuous sell and purchase cycle I decided to put some thought into upgrading my speakers. I placed a high priority in having all five...


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Acoustic Energy AE100


Currently I'm using the AE100i on my home cinema setup.


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Acoustic Energy AE 100


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Acoustic Energy AE 100


Används som sidohögtalare i biosystem vilket funkar utmärkt. skulle nog inte rekomendera dem för 2 kanal dock då finns bättre.