LG NB3520A

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LG NB3520A


Need to give your slim-line TV an audio boost? LG's meaty NB3520A 2.1 soundbar is a good option.

Impressive bass performance, Loud enough to comfortably fill larger sized rooms, Supports USB music playback and Bluetooth audio streaming, Good looking design

3D sound modes aren't all that convincing


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Jamie Lendino (pcmag.com)

LG NB3520A


Product not yet reviewed by PCMag.com editors.

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LG NB3520A


More than just a basic upgrade to your TV sound, this soundbar is worth every penny

Well balanced ; Large, versatile sound ; Good detail


LG NB3520A review: verdict As an upgrade to basic TV sound, the LG is more than a just step up – it offers a quality and authority that’s very impressive. The £250 price-tag is equally convincing – and this soundbar set-up is definitely worth every penny.

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LG NB3520A review


What do you want from an affordable soundbar? Great build and finish? Wireless subwoofer? Bluetooth connectivity? Dynamic, detailed and spacious sound? This LG's got it all. Ideally it'd have HDMI inputs too, but you can't have everything at this price...


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LG NB3520A Soundbar - PCQuest


If you are looking for more substantial sound system than your TV's in-built speakers but don't have that much of space or budget to fit in, then LG NB3520A sound


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Andrew Robinson (hometheaterreview.com)

LG NB3520A 2.1 Channel Soundbar Reviewed


LG's NB3420A 2.1-channel soundbar was put to the test by Home Theater Review Managing Editor Andrew Robinson. During his review, he discovered the LG soundbar can be quite the bargain.

The 3520A's fit and finish is first-rate, despite its plastic materials ; The 3520A's controls and ease of use are among the best I've seen and simple enough that even my wife could get it to sing without consulting the manual ... or me ; The 3520A's...

The 3520A lacks grilles to protect its left and right speaker drivers, which may be a deal breaker for those with curious children or pets ; The subwoofer included with the 3520A does take a bit of finessing on the listener's part in order for it, and...

The LG NB3520A 2.1-channel soundbar at just under $300 is yet another example of not having to spend a lot in order to get a lot. While it isn't about to replace a dedicated home theater system any time soon, it is a very worthy upgrade to your HDTV's...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Stefan Schickedanz Andreas Frank (pc-magazin.de)

LG NB3520A im Test


So günstig und schon mit drahtlosem Subwoofer ausgestattet: Der koreanische Hersteller LG verzichtet auf Design-Experimente und hat ein schnörkelloses, scharf kalkuliertes Bündel mit virtuellem Surround-Sound geschnürt.

sehr günstiger Preis für ein Set mit Subwoofer, der sich noch dazu drahtlos betreiben lässt

nur ein analoger Klinkeneingang


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LG NB3520A


De experts zijn in ieder geval meer dan gemiddeld positief over de LG NB3520A. Er zijn Soundbars die volgens deskundigen beter zijn, maar er zijn er meer die slechter worden beoordeeld. Controleer eens de prijskwaliteitsscore om te zien of je waar voor...

Draadloze subwoofer ; Erg goedkoop voor een set met subwoofer

Allen een analoge jack-ingang

Käyttäjän arvostelu (tigerdirect.com)



I purchased from a nearby retailer to go with my LG 55in led hdtv and have to say I was thrilled with the overall performance of this item. Using the optical input the sound is crisp and the bass is perfect. I did not have to pair the remote to the tv...


Käyttäjän arvostelu (reevoo.com)

LG NB3520A


Really impressed with LG's sound bar. Only minimal cabling, Blue tooth connectivity and usb memory stick. Absolutely great sound for films and different styles of music. Highly recommend when a surround sound system is not possible to use