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Libratone Zipp Wireless Speaker: Portable, high-end audio with good looks


The Zipp (US$399.95) is the first in Scandinavian-based Libratone's range of high-end, wireless speakers, followed by the Loop, Live and Lounge. Steve Sande t...


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Libratone Zipp


The first portable speaker to allow AirPlay on the move is a technical triumph.

Lossless audio on the move, Stylish, customisable design, AirPlay

Short battery life over WiFi, Bass overwhelms treble, Extremely expensive


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Libratone Zipp Mini 2


The portable Libratone Zipp Mini 2 holds its own against other smart speakers thanks to its easy-to-use, stylish design.

Rich, crisp audio with various room modes. Easy Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Alexa setup with app.

Alexa mic doesn't always pick up your voice. Lacks truly deep bass. Pricey.

For style and ease of use, the Zipp Mini 2 gets high marks. Sonically, it's a solid speaker, but it lacks truly deep bass—something that doesn't surprise us for its size, but isn't ideal for its price. The smart speaker functions work well, even if the...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Michael Brown (

Libratone Zipp wireless speakers review: Great looks, good sound, lots of features


With a few notable exceptions, Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen. They're commodity items with little differentiation to set one apart from the rest. Among larger Bluetooth speakers, I would count Creative's Sound Blaster Roar 2, Jawbone's Big...

Versatile (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, and USB host) ; Delivers 360-degree sound ; Can run on battery power ; Very attractive industrial design

Can't stream different tracks to different speakers from the same source ; Can't remotely control the volume of multiple speakers independently from the same app you're streaming music from ; Limited diversity in the Zipp lineup (just two models)

The Zipp is a very good and versatile wireless speaker, but Sonos has much better multi-room audio infrastructure.


Editor's Choice

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Libratone Zipp


The portable Libratone Zipp speaker delivers powerful Bluetooth audio in an attractive design with a host of useful extra features.

Powerful audio performance with robust bass and crisp highs. Alluring design projects audio in all directions. Portable, with a built-in strap for hanging from hooks. Free app allows for Wi-Fi streaming, Internet radio playback.

Digital signal processing isn't for everyone. Track fades can lose a split-second of audio.

In this price range, there are plenty of solid wireless speaker options to conisder. We're fans of the Creative iRoar, the JBL Xtreme, the Marshall Kilburn, and the Sonos Play:1. If it's flat response you're after, the Audioengine B2 will not...


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Libratone Zipp (2015) review


The Zipp has shed its fur, but remains an innovative multi-room option...

Full-bodied, smooth sound ; Rhythmically good ; Innovative multi-room options ; Stand-out design

Lacking some drive ; Slightly closed-in presentation

The new Zipp is certainly a step on from its predecessor and falls short only marginally when compared with class leaders at this price


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Libratone Zipp BT review


Libratone offers a very likeable product that is well worth investing in

Spacious, room-filling sound Clear and open Refined and subtle Agile, musical and engaging Extensive features Stylish

Paltry battery life

There’s no denying the Libratone Zipp BT’s charm. It’s lovely to listen to, and we’d welcome it into our homes with open arms. MORE: Best Bluetooth speakers 2015


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Libratone Zipp review: Portable AirPlay speaker trades features for convenience


The Libratone Zipp uses a Wi-Fi-based protocol called PlayDirect to make connected music playback easier than ever. It works like a dream, but the trade-off may not be one you're willing to make.

The portable ; AirPlay speaker has a modern, eye-catching design and excellent sound for its size, and you can connect directly to it from an iOS mobile device, PC, or Mac. It has a built-in rechargeable battery or can be powered by an included AC...

Many source devices can't access Wi-Fi services while connected to the Libratone, or need to use pricey data plans; the Zipp only has 4 hours of battery life with wireless on; it's not compatible with Android smartphones and tablets (no Bluetooth); and...

The Libratone Zipp is one of the best-sounding and best-looking portable wireless speakers out there, but its high price and Wi-Fi limitations give us pause.


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Review: Libratone Zipp


You've probably seen Libratone's speakers on display in Apple's retail stores. They're the visually striking, fabric-covered things that look like little sculptures. A new addition...

Best example so far of Libratone’s design chops. Sound is great for modest parties in medium-size rooms. AirPlay setup and use is as easy as it gets on an established Wi-Fi connection. Decent battery life

The cost is a put-off. PlayDirect works, but setting up internet streaming is an annoyance. If you rely on Spotify or Pandora and plan to take the Zipp to the beach, consider carefully


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Libratone Zipp review


Stylish AirPlay speaker stands out with super sound

High build quality ; Wi-Fi Direct ; Agile, punchy sound ; Good detail

Battery could last longer ; Sound not particularly weighty

Libratone has finally nailed it with the Zipp: it's a stylish AirPlay speaker with super sound