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Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Tim Gideon (

MartinLogan Crescendo X


The MartinLogan Crescendo X speaker looks and sounds amazing, but a sky-high price and some usability quirks hold it back.

Excellent audio performance. Attractive visual design. Strong versatility for wired and wireless connections.

Very expensive. Could be easier to use.

MartinLogan's high-end speakers are a thing of glory, delivering some of the best audio I've heard in my life. But all-in-one wireless audio systems are a different beast, and the Crescendo X feels like a first attempt. The results from an audio...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Carlo Lo Raso (

MartinLogan Crescendo X Networked Speaker Review


The MartinLogan Crescendo X is a stylish looking and great sounding networked speaker that can bring you your music from a variety of sources...

Enjoyable, room-filling sound. ; Airy highs with good vocals and solid bass punch. ; Attractive and stylish design. ; Subwoofer output is a plus. ; DTS: Play-Fi app can access a good variety of content. ; More intuitive design for the DTS: Play-Fi App.

More intuitive design for the DTS: Play-Fi App.

With good looks and great sound quality, THE MARTINLOGAN CRESCENDO X walks-the-walk and talks-the-talk.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Bob Ankosko (

MartinLogan Crescendo Wireless Music System


Crescendo is an elegant tabletop music system that shines with vocal and acoustic music, but it might leave you yearning for a broader soundstage.

Quick setup Bluetooth streaming Impeccable build quality Excellent bass and tonal balance

Pricey; Restricted soundstage


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Dennis Burger (

MartinLogan Crescendo Premium Wireless Speaker System Reviewed


"Little boxes on the countertop,Little boxes made of ticky tacky,Little boxes on the countertop,Little boxes all the same." With apologies to Malvina Reynolds, that little paraphrased ditty runs through my head every time I survey the landscape of...

The MartinLogan Crescendo is a gorgeous wireless speaker system that sports an undeniably sexy '60s vibe ; The toed-out Folded Motion tweeters go a long way toward creating a wide, spacious sound from such a relatively compact enclosure ; Rare among...

If you're planning on placing the Crescendo on a granite countertop, you might be disappointed with its bass. It relies on down-firing tuned ports and resonance from whatever surface it's placed upon to achieve optimal low-frequency performance ;...

The one word that keeps coming up time and time again in my notes for the MartinLogan Crescendo is "fun." The slightly forward upper midrange might not be to everyone's taste, and it certainly wouldn't be my preference in a proper hi-fi stereo setup,...


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