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REL Britannia!


The REL T9i has been integrated into my Home Theatre system for a week... and what a huge difference it's made! The whole soundstage has expanded in tone and size, making the sound much more three-dimensional. Just watch any of the John Williams film...


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Greatly improves overall sound


I bought this solely for 2 channel hifi stereo use last week and set up 5 days ago using the high level input. The most important thing I found regarding successful setup is finding the best position for the subwoofer, once that achieved the rest was...


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Richer sounds does it again!!!


Exactly what I was looking for to provide that "cinema experience". This thing is an absolute BEAST. Deep Deep rumble. Excellent with both music and film. Always use Richer sounds for my A/V equipment and always will.


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Take your time setting up and tuning then enjoy


I bought the REL T9I after considerable research and having heard the T7 in the Chiswick Richer Sounds store. I'll say this, this sub requires that you take your time with the initial setup and then with tuning, but when you've got it right, this piece...


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Great sub to compliment my focals


A beautiful sounding bass sound. Set up correctly, it's perfect. The store demo was helpful but the home demo really made the decission a no brainer. Great value for money aswell in the sale.


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Worth every penny


Upgrade from a ked sub and the difference is unbelievable. It takes a bit of time to tune it to the room but the results are amazing.


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Quality product at a great price


The REL Ti series is a high quality and well finished subwoofer. I use the T7i in my cinema set up and wanted to expand my HiFi with a sub that allowed for really low bass when needed like on organ music. We have been so impressed with the T7i that we...


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Rel T9i


This sub has front and down firing cones that deliver great consistent base whatever the music and volume. I like the fact it draws from the left and right front outputs to give consistent sound as you turn it up. Some subs only come on when there is...


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Excellent Deep Bass from REL


This was bought as a replacement for a REL Q50 that finally gave up. The T9i is significantly more powerful with a 300W amp and boy does it show. My two favourite bass test tracks are "4 Ever 2 Gether" by ABC and the simply peerless "Judas Iscariot"...


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Seamless integration with my FS speakers


Excellent product - REL knows how to make Subs! I am still playing around with the placement and enjoying it.