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an excellent choice for an up-grade


I've gradually up-dated my audio system recently, with help and advice from MK Richer Sounds. And this is the latest, an up-date to the sub-woofer. My previous speaker was pretty good, and served me well for a couple of years. But I enjoy classical...


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Finally, proper low end in a small room


I've struggled with room modes causing low end boom in my listening room for years. It's an awkward, square room about 3.5 x 3.5m. Unless I pulled speakers a domestically impractical distance from the back wall that boom would ring out on the low...


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Even my wife now admits it’s awesome.


I bought it for film sound but didn't realises how transformative it would be for my music. It adds a new dimension and instruments I didn't even know were in the music! And that's with a decent set of B&W floor standing speakers


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Great service and nice sub.


I bought this about 2 weeks ago and was nervous about buying unheard. Knowing Richer Sounds I was confident that if anything wasn't to my liking it would be sorted so I bought it. The sub is easy to set up IF you are willing to use the REL online...


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Amazing sound


Brought two weeks ago and its excellent. Slightly tricky to set up but that's only because I'm a novice.


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New Yamaha amplifier purchased and got REL T5i


When I replaced my amplifier, I was advised by YASH at Swiss cottage branch to replace my Bose Subwoofer. He recommended REL T5i and the sound is amazing. The staff are very knowledgeable.


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great sound


I bought this a month ago and its transformed movie night in our house


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Bought for music primarily


Bought to go with my Denon 2.1 channel receiver ( and Mordaunt Short MS 914 floor standing speakers to expand the sound for music primarily. This they do very well and I am happy with them for...


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Don't get fooled by the small footprint


I've bought two t5i subs to integrate in my stereo system. I managed to get very good integration with my speakers (P3esr) in my quite irregular room and I'm really loving my "new" sound. This little things are powerful. I've ended up settings the...


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Had this sub for 2 weeks now and its transformed my sound. Wow just wow. Great bass and easy set up. My whole set up sounds amazing. Great service and knowledge from David at RS Glasgow. Highly recommend


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