Rosewill SP-7260 2.0 Woofer Gaming Music PC Desktop Home Speaker System 60W RMS

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Got them on sale!


Not really a con for Rosewill but when I sit my phone down by the main power speaker, the speaker picks up a slight buzz from it. it is very weird

these work great for all the streaming of music, videos and my games

Speaker output cable seems to be a little loose but not enough to bother me.


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sound is awesome ! great quality for a great price


sound is awesome ! great quality for a great price... Fast delivery, excellent for music maker or simply gamer



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Sounds Amazing


I usually don't trust a speaker brand that my great grandfather didn't use to blast in his living room, in the 1900's, but this is an exception. These sound great, and seem to be great quality for a fair price.

Great sound quality, amazing mids

very slightly distorted at max volume, even with highest quality material


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Outstanding for it's price-point.


As per usual, NewEgg has excellent pricing, fast shipping and outstanding customer support.

-Clear concise sound. -Solid range of sound. -Attractive design (Received instant compliments from friends seeing them.) -Price: These cannot be matched for their price. -Comes with all necessary cables.



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Nice upgrade for our home


Just came in with all the cables and what not, bigger than expected!! Sound is right on, not to much bass. Hooked it up on the TV w Apple TV . Buttom line nice and easy hookup, exactly what I was looking for!


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Great Clarity


- The clarity of the sound is awesome. I often have trouble understanding what actors are saying on TV but with these speakers I have no trouble at all. We watched Kung Fu Panda and understood every word, loud or soft. - Music is pleasing to listen to.

- I find the bass somewhat weak but then the "woofers" aren't that big either. I would have given 5 eggs if the bass was as advertised. - Would be great to have come with a remote volume control


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very nice looking, and built to last ,awesome sound for me anyway!!! not a cheesy set of speakers these are more like a nice set of book shelf speakers.

got these with a combo deal, absolutely love them,.

none that I have found yet.


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Very nice set of speakers!


Great deal for great sound if you have the room on your desk.

Got rid of my 5.1 setup due to the wire mess around my desk. Was really expecting to be kind of "meh" when switching to 2.0. But I'm sold on these things! -Great range, from lows to mids to highs. -Sounds good for music, and was really surprised how...

No cons for me. But be aware - these are HUGE! Pictures on here don't do them justice on size. Also, you're not getting window rattling bass. If you want that, go for a 2.1 or anything with a dedicated Subwoofer.


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I was just blown away by the first rate sound as soon as i turned these on. Very much worth the purchase. I reviewed these before any of my other parts of the PC i just built, because i just HAD to. They were worth rushing for. If you're lucky enough...

Melody so crisp that you could close your eyes and when you open them, wonder where the live music went.

No cons. I noticed someone else listed the bass being lacking. These do not lack in any way what so ever, least of all bass. They produce the perfect amount of bass to go with the crisp highs also produced. As i said above, you may as well have people...


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Decent powered speakers for the price


For the price I think it's a fairly good buy. Shipping was fast and setup was quite easy. They go pretty loud. If they had more bass impact I would rate them a 5/5.

The speakers sound clear and they included all the relevant cables. They are powered so no need for an amplifier and they have a variety of ports to plug into.

I wish the bass was more pronounced, it is kind of weak. Turning up the bass knob just adds more muddled lower frequency sounds.


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