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Sony HT-A9 review


Can Sony's A9 speaker system deliver convincing Dolby Atmos home cinema?

Not fussy about positioning ; Entertaining, detailed, cinematic ; Strong feature set

The additional sub is pricey ; Slightly bright with stereo music ; Appearance is a bit bland

Sony’s A9 speaker system redefines accessible home cinema sound with an innovative, immersive and flexible solution


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : James Barber (

Sony HT-A9 review: All-in-one wireless surround sound that works


Sony's audio-mapping technology makes four speakers sound like a 16-speaker array, enveloping users in an impressive bubble of sound.

Sony’s audio-mapping technology works exactly as promised ; Remarkably flexible, adaptible to a wide variety of spaces ; Guided setup is easy to follow

Depends on an added-cost subwoofer for the full experience ; Depends on a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection ; Expensive, especially when you add in the sub


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Krishan Sharma (

Sony HT-A9: A serious rival to full sized surround sound (review) - GadgetGuy


Sony's HT-A9 has no right to sound as good as it does. It outperforms every other soundbar on the market and even rivals a full-fat surround sound system.

Delivers a level of immersive sound that other soundbars can't ; Flexibility in speaker placement ; Easy to setup and use ; Speakers take up very little space ; Living room friendly design blends in with most decours ; Sounds just as good with music as...

Wireless interference might be an issue for some rooms ; Wireless sub should really be included with the package ; All four speakers require a power outlet

Sony’s wireless HT-A9 setup uses psychoacoustics to create a dome of sound with a dozen “phantom” speakers with surprisingly convincing results.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Geir Gråbein Nordby (

TEST: Sony HT-A9 – Surroundlyd på nye eventyr


Med HT-A9 har Sony tænkt helt nyt og løst et stort problem inden for hjemmebiolyd, nemlig placering af højttalerne. Og det fungerer virkelig godt!

Gigantisk, gnidningsløst lydbillede. En virkelig stor holografisk boble af lyd. Balanceret og opløst lydbillede. Ikke lige så afhængig af højttalerplacering som andre opsætninger.

Vi anbefaler helt klart en subwoofer, hvilket øger prisen en del. Centerkanalen på film blev først rigtig præcis sammen med et af de nyeste Sony OLED-TV’er.