Sony HT-ST5

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Sony's HT-ST5000 sound bar brings classy design, Dolby Atmos


The Sony HT-ST5000 Dolby Atmos sound bar may be more expensive than most competitors but it offers excellent sound quality and decent flexibility.

The Sony HT-ST5000 is an elegant Dolby Atmos sound bar which sounds great and includes Wi-Fi music and 4K HDR compatibility. The sound-bar-and-subwoofer combination pack more punch than many competitors are capable of. Sony's inclusion of Chromecast...

There's no DTS:X playback on the Sony sound bar. The competitive Samsung HW-K950 is $300 cheaper, and it offers dedicated surrounds and sounds more immersive as a result.

The Sony HT-ST5000 Dolby Atmos sound bar may be expensive, but it offers excellent sound quality and decent flexibility.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Ty Pendlebury Steve Guttenberg (

Sony HT-ST5 review: Great design and features, but doesn't raise the sound bar


The Sony ST5 offers fine performance and a decent mix of features, but it isn't the first sound bar we'd recommend for the price.

The Sony ST5 is a stylish sound bar that offers very good movie performance. It includes HDMI connectivity, including ARC and has an IR repeater on the back of the unit in case it blocks your TV's sensor.

It's pricey for a sound bar with this level of performance. It has no onscreen display and no streaming capabilities other than Bluetooth.

The Sony ST5 offers fine performance plus a decent mix of features, but it isn't the first sound bar we'd recommend for the price.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Justin Yu (

Sony's take on the compact, low-cost sound bar strikes a balance between simplicity and performance


When we published our review of the Sony HT-ST7 sound bar in 2013, our excitement over the contemporary design felt marred by the ambitious price tag, especially given the disappointing sound quality that couldn't match up to the visceral power of the...

The Sony HT-ST5 sound bar will drop in late September for $999.99 with the Australian price point set at the same: AU$999. That converts to about £605, though international pricing isn't available yet.


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Sony HT-ST5000 review

  (Arvosana Piilotettu)

This is Sony's most advanced sound bar yet, with Dolby Atmos built in among a swathe of other advanced features. But a sound bar is nothing if it can't deliver the basics, especially at this price. Our full review reveals whether it's worth the cash.


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Sounds great & easy to use!


I have tested 3 sounds bars in my home. I first had a less expensive Sony sound bar for $300. It was not very good, sound was tinny, but easy to use. I was unhappy with that one and purchased a Sonos Play Bar for $699. It was easy to set up, but I...

Realistic life like sound, True DTS/5.1 via HDMI, Bluetooth

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Premium Sound!


I researched quite extensively for currently available sound bars. The Sony HT-ST7 came in at number 1. The HT-ST5 (this model) Comparing the HT-ST7 to much more expensive(about 500-700$ more) Sonos, Definitive Technology and Bowers and Wilkins etc....

Excellent Sound


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Excellent Soundbar, and affordable


I really like how does it sound with my music, I played, classical, rock, and everything sounds wonderful


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Solid choice


I've had a Bose lifestyle system, and wanted to get great sound, without all the clutter and cables. The Soundbar does a great job, though the quality isn't up to what my Bose was, but it's also a lot less clutter.


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Traditional Surround


I had a traditional surround sound system but my wife hated the wires. We recently purchased a 65'' 4k Sony tv and the sound bar. I was reluctant about the full experience of just the bar. When everything was hooked up and connected I was blown away at...


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Good Value


This sound bar offers very good sound quality for the price. The Pros: It has two HDMI input ports which allow connection to both a TV and a Blu-ray player. There is also a BluTooth setting. The subwoofer may be placed anywhere in the room and there...