Yamaha YST FSW050

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Yamaha YST FSW 050 Lautsprecher Test 2020


Beim handelt es sich um einen ultrakompakten Tieftöner aus dem Hause , der nach dem Downfire-Prinzip konstruiert wurde. Ausgestattet mit der Advanced YST II Technik bietet er einen druckvollen Bass, der den Nutzer nach einem zweiten “suchen” lässt....

Bassstarker Sound ; Gute Verarbeitung

sagen? Wir haben mal nachgesehen.


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Great Subwoofer


A nice departure from the average clunky looking sub. I could not be happier. Egg's major competitor lists this at $200. Great price for a very well crafted subwoofer from a top of the line speaker manufacturer.

Great subwoofer for an average size room. This sub will make your desktop audio come alive. Nice looking and awesome sound. Just the right amount of bass in my opinion. Match this sub with a couple of powered stereo speakers and you will be good to go....



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Great Sound


As mentioned wont knock you over but the sound is clear and there is clarity .... using it with Modern Warfare 2 the sound is great and movies have a full room experience. The price is killer at <$100

Solid Range ; Size ; Little to No Distortion ; Full Room Sound

Wont rock your world if your looking for the walls to shake from the base sound


Käyttäjän arvostelu (newegg.com)

I Like It


Incredibly easy setup. I had it connected and working faster than it took me to unpack from the box. This provides exactly the umph I needed to go along with my low-end Bose Acoustimass speaker system, and met my criteria for quality and price as well

None to date


Käyttäjän arvostelu (newegg.com)

OK for the price


I had to give it 5 eggs because this is as good as you will get for a subwoofer under $100. I believe its sound is 3 eggs compared to a $200+ subwoofer, but that is comparing different units. I wished I had put the money toward a larger unit for my...

Price, quality, design, and looks. The cabinet looks nice and doesn't look cheap. It will blend in well with other components. Comes with a cord. Boxed well for shipping

It will not knock you off your feet in sub-bass sound. It has no frequency adjustment. To be fair, you can't expect any better from a subwoofer under $100


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YAMAHA YST-FSW050BL Advanced YST II & Down-Firing Active design subwoofer Each


I have a custom built theatre in by home. It is an enclosed space 14' X 9' and used exclusively for viewing movies. This unit delivers more than adequate low frequency bass for stunning realism, handling both special effects and music beautifully....

No real drawbacks, unless you are looking to fill a much larger room


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I'm a fan - perfect for the right situation


Very happy with this product. Replaced an existing el cheapo sub, and I could hear the difference the second I turned it on. Highly recommended. Great Buy.

Simple Setup, All needed cables included, nice sound without being overwhelming. Great for both a small and midsized room. If you have neighbors that would possibly complain about noise, this is a great system. The sounds is deep and rich but not...

May be underpowered for a large room, or someone that likes their walls to shake ; Like most subs (so this is hardly a con) there's no way to truly turn it off without physically pressing the power button, so could be a little bit of a vampire appliance


Käyttäjän arvostelu (newegg.com)

Natural bass


I couldn't be happier with my choice.

Very slick, great design, low end sound is fantastic. The box fits where it should & delivers the tone I want. Has enough watts to rumble a room. Great for Movies, Tv, Sports. For music I might recommend a different sub-woofer

Could probably be $100


Käyttäjän arvostelu (newegg.com)

Fantastic Subwoofer


In my specific case, I have no space for a normal sub; this fits perfectly under my bed, and sounds great as long as I turn up the volume on the sub to compensate for the attenuation from being under a bed.

Sounds great. Fits almost everywhere. Downward firing design means it sounds great almost everywhere

Not ridiculously high-powered. It's great if you're a normal person, but I have a friend who insists on having a monster sub turned up to max. If you're into that thing, this isn't for you, but that just makes the music sound terrible anyways. This is...


Käyttäjän arvostelu (newegg.com)

Good Deal


Don't hesitate to buy, very fast shipping

This really pairs nicely with the ysp units

Can't think of any


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