Acer 15.6" AMD A8-3500M 1.50 GHz 500GB Notebook | AS5560G-SB485

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suorituskyky, Käyttömukavuus, Vastinetta rahalle, näyttö, äänet

näppäimistö, touchpad

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499 sale, good buy


the keys do wobble a little, but im thinking thats a good thing since theyre flat to baybe catch your fingers at an angle while typing. others have complained about the keys not being vary responsive-im not having that problem, not even while gaming...

not too big/small. quad core, dual graphics, keyboard is good for a laptop

bloatware is annoying, not bad after uninstall. amd drivers not supporting dual graphics on some games but not the laptops fault


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Great laptop


I am very happy with this computer

Solid computer ; It runs much cooler than my old HP. Nice graphics and the key board works well

Mouse pad is sensitive


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the review made on 10/21 about the graphics card


(if you want to get 6470m back you should use it on programs set as high performance in the control center after you turn off crossfire)

the 6640g2 youre refering to is a crossfire of the advertised 6470 graphics and the integrated 6620g. the performance should be increased due to having two graphics cards alternating your graphics. on standard i can barely run aion on medium. with both...

the keyboard is iffy, the bloatware always sucks, and there is no usb 3.0... other than that im just plain fricken ecstatic


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Very nice for the price! Plays BF3 sorta!?


6640G2 = the on-apu HD6620G + the discrete HD 6470M. The dynamic between the on-apu and discrete graphics makes for some interesting performance issues on games that demand more cpu. I replaced the default RAM with G.SKILL 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1333 Model...

Very nice value, screen is clear and has good contrast at any brightness, of which there is quite a range. HDMI out, using it cleared up some graphical errors that occured in the beta for BF3. Decent processor and graphics speed results in...

Shipped with 1 pixel out in upper-left portion of screen. This only appears when the content on the screen is very dark or black so not enough to distract during most gaming/video. It does seem somewhat fragile and the spacing between the keys seems to...


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Hell of a deal at 519


Couldn't be happier and very grateful that we grabbed it hours before Newegg jacked up the price !

If you are looking to find a blend of a pretty decent gaming laptop with a decent multi tasking ability, you won't find anything else close to this laptop if you can get it for the 520 Newegg had it at. I disagree with some reviewers that thought it...

The keyboard buttons are the only thing that have any kind of budget feel to them. Not a keyboard for those that literally pound on their keyboards


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Not for mom


Don't get this unless you are prepared to do a clean install.

Specs. On paper (and after reformatting) this computer is very capable with its quad core processor and dual graphics. Excellent value for gaming/multimedia

Severe bloatware. The worst I've ever seen. After removing close to 10 useless programs/services the laptop was not impressing me with it's speed. Looking at all the processes running in the background, I decided to just do a clean windows install....


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N/A Glad to see you got that fixed. Kudos Acer. Even more reason to purchase or recommend.

Setup one for somebody else. Great little thing for the price. Might be time to sell my old laptop



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Just simply WOW!!


This laptop was such a great deal that I am about to buy 2 more (one for my wife, and one to replace my desktop). Within 24 hours of turning it on the first time, I put this thing through benchmark hell. It just chugged along and never failed.

Extremely responsive even when all 4 cores are at 100% workload under prime95 ; The video is uncanny for a laptop. SCII, contrary to popular believe, IS playable at ultra high settings (18fps). 60fps at medium. crystal mark benchmark test reported...

BIOS is completely useless. The only thing your can really do is change the boot order ; Only came with with 4gb ram. This is actually a minor inconvenience though. With teamviewer, diskdefrag, mcaffee, and prime95 using 300mb, the laptop only used...


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Best Bang for Buck


Keyboard has the new island style keys with a full number pad and is a joy to type on. Sound quality is decent for a laptop. Could be a little louder I guess. The touch pads double tap click is annoyingly sensitive so I turned that particular feature...

I would like to preface this review by saying that I am a Certified PC Tech and I fix computers for a living. This Laptop is great. It has the new AMD Fusion APU, what that means is the cpu and graphics are on a single chip. Instead of being wimpy Like...

Ships with only 4 gb of ram. Many competitors ship with 6 gb even though they only have A6. (I upgraded to 8 gb for 45 bucks). Other cons are it doesn't have USB 3.0 ports but whatever, and also it doesn't have a Blu-Ray Drive (which could be a pro...


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Acer Aspire AS5560G-SB485 Notebook AMD A-Series A8-3500M(1.5GHz) 15.6" 4GB Memory DDR3 1066 500GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi AMD Radeon HD 6470M


If possible, I'll update this at a later point in ownership. I'm posting this now as this laptop has no reviews currently. So far, it's everything I wanted, and a great replacement for my physically-abused two-year-old laptop which would otherwise have...

The obvious ; Good, standalone graphics ; 4GB DDR3 RAM, plenty for the average user, and in fact plenty for mid- to higher-grade gaming ; Manageable size ; Large HDD great for media/game file storage, or whatever else it is you'd like to keep ; The...

Keyboard isn't very sensitive ; Bloatware, but this could also be considered a pro: there is not nearly as much bloatware as I normally have to get rid of with a new laptop setup


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