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suorituskyky, näyttö, näppäimistö, Tyylikkyys, rakenteen laatu

koko, akunkesto, kuvanlaatu, touchpad

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Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Joshua Goldman (cnet.com)

Good gaming extras without the budget-busting price


If you like keyboard macros and lights -- lots and lots of lights -- the Y730 might be worth the premium over the entry-level Legion Y530.

The Lenovo Legion Y730 is a notch above other entry-level gaming laptops with its programmable per-key RGB lighting for the keyboard, custom macro keys and nice-looking full HD display. Despite the gaming extras, it wouldn't look out of place at the...

Graphics options tap out with an upper entry-level Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. Shifted keyboard layout takes some adjustment. Webcam is below the display. Battery life is short against competing models.

Lenovo steps up the build quality and game-oriented features for the Legion Y730 while keeping its price reasonable for an entry-level gaming laptop. If graphics performance is your priority, though, you'll want to keep looking.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Matthew Buzzi (pcmag.com)

Lenovo Legion Y730


The Lenovo Legion Y730 is a well-built gaming laptop with reasonable performance, but its graphics capability leaves a bit to be desired considering the price.

Slim all-aluminum build with a sleek aesthetic. Super-thin bezels. Lots of storage. Customizable per-key backlighting.

Maxes out at a GTX 1050 Ti. Expensive for graphics capability. Short battery life.

Bottom Line: The Lenovo Legion Y730 is a well-built gaming laptop with reasonable performance, but its graphics capability leaves a bit to be desired considering the price.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Laptop Mag (laptopmag.com)

Lenovo Legion Y730 (15-inch)


The Lenovo Legion Y730 brings a premium design and display to entry-level gaming.

Premium, understated design; Bright, vivacious display; Solid gaming and overall performance

A tad expensive; Below-average battery life; Awkwardly placed webcam


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Joe Osborne (techradar.com)

Lenovo Legion Y730 review


The Legion wants more members

Excellent starting price ; Gorgeous design ; Fantastic full keyboard ; 144Hz G-Sync display

Just one graphics option ; Webcam beneath screen

This brand new version of the Legion laptop brings it into a whole new light, one that we appreciate here much more than the extreme gamer aesthetic of old. Throw in some serious innards and a decent price, and color us psyched for a full review.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Allen Ngo (notebookcheck.net)

Lenovo Legion Y730-15ICH (i5-8300H, GTX 1050 Ti) Laptop Review


Flagship features, mainstream price. The Legion Y730 is the higher-end alternative to the Legion Y530 and legion Y7000 with flagship-like features including per-key RGB lighting, Thunderbolt 3, and dedicated Macro keys. It's just too bad that current...

relatively cool core temperatures when gaming ; narrow bezels on three sides of the screen ; very strong CPU Turbo Boost sustainability ; quiet fans when under low-medium loads ; quiet keys and mouse buttons ; per-key RGB lighting ; crisp matte display...

slow black-white response times; more ghosting ; relatively large footprint for the size class ; removing M.2 drive may void warranty ; limited to GTX 1050 Ti GPU only ; no 120/144 Hz display options ; poor webcam positioning ; small trackpad ; no...

The Legion Y730 is in a precarious position. It's the thinner, lighter, and higher-end version of the Legion Y530 with more bells and whistles like LED lights, aluminum surfaces, and Thunderbolt 3, but it lacks the GeForce GTX 1060 GPU option found on...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Allen Ngo (notebookcheck.net)

Lenovo Legion Y730-17ICH (i7-8750H, GTX 1050 Ti) Laptop Review


Professional look, but gamer at heart. Lenovo wants to reshape its Legion series to appeal to a broader audience outside of just hardcore gamers. The Legion Y730 represents the first step in this new direction and it is subsequently the most balanced...

excellent CPU Turbo Boost performance and sustainability ; relatively cool core temperatures when gaming ; generally quieter fans for a gaming laptop ; dedicated subwoofer; good audio quality ; per-key RGB lighting ; full-size Arrow keys ; good battery...

slow write performance from Toshiba SSD ; Corsair iCUE software is not intuitive ; moderate uneven backlight bleeding ; trackpad is a fingerprint magnet ; no other GPU or display options ; small trackpad and NumPad ; awkward port placement ; hinges...

Both the Legion Y730 and Y530 represent the biggest changes to the family yet. The more casual business facade contrasts the mainstream gaming hardware and LED lights underneath for a very different approach than what the Asus ROG, Acer Predator, and...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Allen Ngo (notebookcheck.nl)

Kort testrapport Lenovo Legion Y730-15ICH (i5-8300H, GTX 1050 Ti) Laptop


Vlaggenschip-features, mainstream prijs. De Legion Y730 is het luxueuzere alternatief voor de Legion Y530 en Legion Y7000 met hoogwaardige features zoals RGB-verlichting per toets, Thunderbolt 3 en aparte Macro-toetsen. Het is jammer dat de huidige...

relatief lage core-temperaturen tijdens gamen ; smalle randen aan drie zijden van het scherm ; erg krachtige en duurzame CPU Turbo Boost ; stille ventilatoren bij middelzware belasting ; stille toetsen en muisknoppen ; RGB-verlichting per toets ;...

trage zwart-wit-responstijden; meer 'ghosting' ; relatief groot voor het schermformaat ; het verwijderen van de M.2-sleuf kan de garantie teniet doen ; enkel opties voor GTX 1050 Ti GPU ; geen opties voor scherm met 120/144 Hz ; webcam suboptimaal...

Dit is de verkorte versie van het originele artikel. Het volledige, Engelse testrapport vind je hier.Een vreemde mix van high-end features en uiterlijk wordt tegengewerkt door een zwakke GPU en fragiele schermbehuizing. De huidige versie van de Legion...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Allen Ngo (notebookcheck.nl)

Kort testrapport Lenovo Legion Y730-17ICH (i7-8750H, GTX 1050 Ti) Laptop


Professioneel uiterlijk, maar gamer in hart en nieren. Lenovo wilt zijn Legion-serie beter doen aanslaan bij een breder publiek dan alleen hardcore-gamers. De Legion Y730 vertegenwoordigt de eerste stap in deze nieuwe richting en is bijgevolg de meest...

uitstekende CPU Turbo Boost ; blijft relatief koel tijdens het gamen ; redelijk stille ventilatoren voor een gaming-laptop ; aparte subwoofer; prima audiokwaliteit ; RGB-verlichting per toets ; prima batterijduur ; Thunderbolt 3

trage schrijfprestaties van de Toshiba-SSD ; Corsair iQUE-software is niet intuïtief ; onregelmatige 'backlight bleeding' ; trackpad is een magneet voor vingerafdrukken ; geen andere opties voor GPU en scherm ; kleine trackpad en NumPad ; onhandige...

Dit is de korte versie van het originele artikel. Het volledige, Engelse testrapport vind je hier.De Legion Y730 slaag erin om een ingetogen, zakelijke look te combineren met high-end gaming-features voor een lagere startprijs dan de meeste...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Allen Ngo (notebookcheck.it)

Recensione del Portatile Lenovo Legion Y730-17ICH (i7-8750H, GTX 1050 Ti)


Aspetto professionale, ma con un cuore gamer. Lenovo vuole rimodellare la sua serie Legion per attrarre un pubblico più ampio al di fuori dei soli hardcore gamers. Il Legion Y730 rappresenta il primo passo in questa nuova direzione ed è di conseguenza...

Eccellenti prestazioni e sostenibilità del CPU Turbo Boost ; temperature interne relativamente basse durante il gioco ; ventole generalmente silenziose per un portatile da gioco ; subwoofer dedicato; buona qualità audio ; Illuminazione RGB per tasto ;...

prestazioni di scrittura lenta da SSD Toshiba ; Il software Corsair iCUE non è intuitivo ; moderato e irregolare bleeding della retroilluminazione ; il trackpad è un magnete per le impronte digitali ; nessun'altra GPU o opzioni di visualizzazione ;...

Sia il Legion Y730 e Y530 rappresentano ancora i più grandi cambiamenti alla famiglia. La facciata business più casual contrasta con l'hardware gaming mainstream e le luci LED sottostanti per un approccio molto diverso da quello che le serie Asus ROG,...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Allen Ngo (notebookcheck.com)

Test Lenovo Legion Y730-17ICH (i7-8750H, GTX 1050 Ti) Laptop


Professioneller Look, aber im Herzen ein Gamer. Lenovo verändert das Design seiner Legion-Baureihe, um auch Käufergruppen abseits der Hardcore-Gamer anzusprechen. Das Legion Y730 ist der erste Versuch der neuen Ausrichtung und wird damit der bisher...

exzellente Ausnutzung des CPU-Turbos auch bei anhaltender Last ; recht kühle Kerntemperaturen beim Spielen ; recht leise Lüfter für ein Gaming-Laptop ; dedizierter Subwoofer, gute Klangqualität ; Tastaturbeleuchtung pro Taste ; vollwertige Pfeiltasten...

geringe Schreibleistung der Toshiba SSD ; Corsair iQUE-Software ist nicht intuitiv ; leichtes Screen-Bleeding ; Trackpad zieht Fingerabdrücke an ; keine anderen GPU/Display-Optionen ; Touchpad und Numpad sind klein ; merkwürdige Anschlussverteilung ;...

Sowohl das Legion Y730 als auch das Y530 repräsentieren die bislang größten Veränderungen der Legion-Familie. Das Design ist eigentlich nicht mehr so verspielt wie zuvor, doch es gibt Gaming-Hardware und beleuchtete Lüfteröffnungen. Die Konkurrenz...