Apple Airpods Pro (2019)

Apple Airpods Pro (2019)
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AirPods Pro review: Apple’s latest earbuds can hang with the best


The AirPods Pro are Apple's best true wireless earbuds to date, but they're also its most expensive. The addition of key features like active noise cancellation, transparency mode, on-board controls and silicone ear tips are all upgrades over the...

Improved audio ; Comfortable ; Refined design ; Hands-free Siri ; IPX4 water resistance

Polarizing design ; Awkward touch controls ; Settings buried in iOS


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Duncan Bell (

Amazon Echo Studio review: best sounding Echo by far assails Sonos One with hi-def and 3D audio


You do need an Amazon Music HD sub to get the full effect though

Best sounding Amazon Echo speaker to date ; Support for CD-quality sound, hi-res audio and 3D audio ; £10 cheaper than Sonos One

'Ultra HD' and 3D audio are of questionable value ; Not the sexiest thing


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : What Hi-Fi? (

Apple AirPods Pro review


Apple aims to conquer the noise-cancelling arena

Exceptionally comfortable ; Strong noise-cancelling ; Balanced, easy-going sound

Noise-cancelling impacts timing ; Sony rival sounds more engaging

The noise-cancelling new AirPods can be beaten for sound, but they are a joy to live with and use all day, every day


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : David Carnoy (

Their winning design and fit, improved bass performance, effective noise canceling and excellent call quality make them a top true earbuds wireless ch


Their winning design and fit, improved bass performance, effective noise canceling and excellent call quality make them a top true earbuds wireless choice.

The AirPods Pro have an ultracompact, lightweight, noise-isolating and sweatproof design that fits more ears securely and delivers better bass and overall sound than the original AirPods. Their active noise-canceling significantly reduces ambient noise...

The sound quality is good, but some competitors sound better. It's unclear if these have better long-term battery life than the original AirPods.

While they don't quite take the crown for best-in-class sound quality, the AirPods Pro are great true wireless headphones that exceed the standard AirPods in nearly every way.


Editor's Choice

Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Tim Gideon (

Apple AirPods Pro


Apple's true wireless AirPods Pro earphones are vastly superior to the standard model, with solid noise cancellation, quality audio performance, and a far better in-ear fit that justifies the extra cost.

Strong audio performance. Quality active noise cancellation. Secure in-ear fit. Hands-free Siri access. Wireless charging case. Splash-resistant build.

Expensive. No on-ear volume controls. ANC and EQ aren't adjustable.

If you're just looking for quality true wireless in-ears and don't need the ANC—or the Apple branding that adds to the price—consider the JBL UA True Wireless Flash or the RHA True Connect. Both options cost about $170, with the JBL pair delivering a...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Stuart Miles (

Apple AirPods Pro review: Silence is golden


Rather than just offering tweaks, the Pro model completely redesigns the in-ear experience, adding active noise-cancelling (ANC) and much more.

Easy setup ; Active noise-cancelling (ANC) is great ; Improved audio over AirPods ; Three tips included and 'fitting test' feature for optimum comfort and sound

Powerbeats Pro beat these on the bass front ; Only available in white ; Music listening time is reduced with ANC ; Squeeze gesture takes some learning

We are incredibly impressed with the ease of setup and quality of sound that the AirPods Pro deliver. Active noise-cancellation makes a huge difference to ambient noise, making these in-ears far more capable than the originals.


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Apple AirPods Pro review


Let's hear it for versatility and convenience

Comfortable and secure fit ; Decent noise cancellation

Expensive ; No colour options

Apple's AirPods Pro are fantastic wireless in-ears, comfortable and incredibly intuitive making for a seamless user experience. It does feel a bit of a stretch to call them 'Pro' as they don't quite match similar priced competitors for sound quality.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Gareth Beavis (

Apple AirPods Pro review


Now finally offering noise cancellation and improved fit, these new AirPods offer a massive upgrade for Apple fans.

Good noise cancellation Much better fit Good for tracking hearing health

More expensive than better rivals USB-C charging cable in box Can get loose during workouts

If you're an iPhone user and have been toying with the idea of going true wireless with your earbuds, then grab these now - if you can afford it. The new noise-cancelling feature is neat and useful, and the overall improvements to sound and design...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Gareth Beavis (

Hands on: Apple AirPods Pro review


Noise cancellation and a much better fit finally comes to Apple true wireless earbuds

Noise cancellation Excellent Transparency pass-through mode Much better fit

Higher price Capacitive controls fiddly USB-C charging cable in box

The new AirPods Pro have already impressed in a number of ways in our early testing - we need to spend more time assessing them, but already the Pro earbuds feel like a marked step up over the original AirPods.


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AirPods Pro review (2019): True Wireless Meets True Premium


If you're looking for the best, the AirPods Pro rate among them in a way that the iconic and original true wireless earbuds didn't.

Noise-cancelling ; Great battery life

Expensive ; You have to be using iOS to get the full experience


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