Nokia 216

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Nokia 216 review

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The Nokia 216 is a basic mobile phone with no real fancy features. But if you're looking for a straightforward handset just for calls and texts, could it be the perfect choice? Find out in our full expert verdict of this mobile phone.


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"Fantastic item, clean simple design. Nice colour and proper buttons, does what it says on tin. Love it! "


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Nice colour!


"Bought this for my mother-in-law, she is very happy and loves the colour. Loud speakers, easy to manage Recommended"


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"The NOKIA 216 is a phone for all ages both young and old . It is easy to use . Light to carry and portable . It has good buttery life and clear tones . The colour grey makes the phone even more beautiful . This small phone is meant to take both the...


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Candy bar


"Easy to use even the wife can use it you can use it as a phone is intended to make a phone call"


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Great for My Mam


"My mam is unable to use touchscreen. It has a few more functions than her last phone but with time I'm sure she'll master these too."


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Decent feature phone


"Battery life isn't quite as good as I expected, but it's still better than most and is good for my elderly mother."


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Does what it says on the tin


"I love this wee phone. It makes calls, it's got voicemail, it texts. If I'm desperate, it's got internet. I use the calculator, converter, calendar and other such functions. I bought it to get out of the grip of the smartphone. We're all obsessed...

Basic; Easy to use; Battery lasts ages; Nice colour; Small - fits in pockets!; Light - not a brick; Probably can't be hacked

Calendar limited; Internet basic but that's why you buy this!; Can't delete or organise apps


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Nice phone but not suitable


"Purchased for an elderly relative/user, such a shame the phone quality and screen size was ideal but keypad let it down, back light and number/letters not easily visible for text usage? Returned as unsuitable unfortunatley. "