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HBO Max review: A solid streaming service with serious holes


A wide library of 10,000 hours of content isn't enough to make HBO Max a must. Platform problems and missing movies are puzzling problems.

Wide variety of content ; Blockbuster movies ; Excellent HBO shows ; Easy to see upcoming shows ; Same price as HBO Now

Needs more editorial curation ; 4K HDR only available for select titles ; Glaring gaps in library

We've just upgraded HBO Max's score because it's finally added Roku and Fire TV, and it's getting select blockbusters in 4K HDR. We hope to see the library patch these holes in the future.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Susan Arendt (

HBO Max review


HBO is the gold standard for cable networks, but how good is its streaming service, HBO Max?

Outstanding original content from HBO ; Programming from affiliate networks like TCM and Crunchyroll ; New stuff to watch on a regular basis

The navigation has some frustrating quirks ; Tech issues when accessing the service on iMac

HBO Max is packed with high-quality shows and movies, but some irritating UI quirks make it a less than perfect experience.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Mikael Markander (

Nya HBO Max norpar tv-serier från Netflix


Populära tv-serier som Vänner och The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air kommer snart att försvinna från Netflix.


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