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Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Campbell Simpson (

Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ media streamer


This media streamer integrates well with Seagate portable hard drives

Network streaming works well, good integration with FreeAgent hard drives

No integrated Wi-Fi, bland interface, no front panel controls

If you already have a FreeAgent Go portable hard drive, the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ media streamer is a good accompaniment. For other users it's still a reasonable choice but it loses its competitive edge.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Campbell Simpson (

Seagate FreeAgent Theater media player


This media player is suitable for watching slideshows and playing music off an external Seagate hard drive

Great for photos and videos, integrates well with Seagate’s FreeAgent Go range of hard drives

Doesn’t support some video codecs, no HDMI or 1080p playback

If you already own a Seagate FreeAgent Go external hard drive, then the FreeAgent Theater is a decent media player. As a general purpose media player, though, it doesn’t stand up to the competition.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Edward Chester (

Seagate FreeAgent Theater Multimedia Player


Seagate's rival to Western Digital's WD TV finally arrives.

Despite this, the FreeAgent Theater is actually a very nice looking device with its glossy black top and matt black sides. In fact, we'd say it's possibly a bit nicer than the WD TV. This assertion is bolstered by the Theater's inclusion of full...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : David Carnoy (

Seagate FreeAgent Theater Plus review: Seagate FreeAgent Theater Plus


If you're new to the whole USB media player category, it goes something like this: storage brands like Western Digital, Seagate, and Iomega are looking for ways to tap into the growing number of consumers who have multimedia files stored on their...

Media playback device that plays music, image, and video files from USB storage or streamed via network; HD output up to 1080p; integrated slot for FreeAgent Go storage drive; compact, stylish design; you can connect up to two mass USB storage...

No built-in Wi-Fi (wireless option costs an extra $70); Internet services are limited at launch.

The addition of HDMI output, network streaming, and improved file compatibility makes the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ media player a better value than its predecessor.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa (

Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ Home Theater Review


1080 output ; Wide codec support

Some codecs not implemented ; No front panel controls ; Seagate FreeAgent Theater ; FreeAgent Theater+ Review, by Jon L. Jacobi September 16, 2009 ; Media, media, media. You've collected it from all over the Internet, but sometimes you don't feel like...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Bryan Gardiner (

Review: Seagate FreeAgent Theater


Want a glossy mother ship for your FreeAgent Go drives? Seagate has the answer. Simply slide your portable drive into the Theater's topside dock. Like...

Onboard playback controls. Straightforward setup. Easy-to-navigate menus. Decent 1080i upscaling

No support for RAW image files. Composite and component outputs only. Had trouble recognizing external drives that weren’t FreeAgents


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : James Rivington (

Seagate FreeAgent Theater review


Unfortunately it promises much, and delivers little

Simple to use ; Supports 1080i video, Dolby Digital 5.1, AVI, VOB, DivX. Xvid and subtitles

No 1080p output ; No HDMI ; No MKV playback


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : David Carnoy (

Seagate FreeAgent Theater review: Seagate FreeAgent Theater


Seagate FreeAgent Theater

Integrated slot for FreeAgent Go storage drive; compact, stylish design; you can connect up to two mass USB storage devices--including a camera--at one time; 720p/1080i HD output; plays music, image, and video files; solid photo display capabilities.

Couldn't play back as many file types as competing products; no HDMI output.

While the Seagate FreeAgent Theater has a decent interface and good photo display options, it doesn't read as many video file formats as its competitors.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Nick Mediati (

Freeagent Theater


If you're looking for a way to view tons of media from your computer on your TV, but you want something other than a media streamer, a hard-drive-based media player like the Seagate FreeAgent Theater (starting at $129 without the hard drive, as of...

Easy to use. Pleasing aesthetic design.

No HDMI. Limited format support.

By and large, the FreeAgent Theater does an admirable job; and for many users, it should provide an easy, painless way to release the media held hostage on their PC. For high-end users, though, the lack of HDMI output may be a deal-breaker


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Nick Mediati (

Seagate FreeAgent Theater Hard Drive Review


Pleasing aesthetic design ; Easy to use

Limited format support ; No HDMI

Seagate's media player performs admirably, but its lack of HDMI makes it less than ideal for serious home-theater buffs.


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