Acer G257HU

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Acer G257HU / G7 Series MONITOR


The Acer G257HU is a decent 1440p IPS monitor with decent picture quality and great peak brightness. The IPS display delivers good viewing angles but has very bad black uniformity. It has excellent low input lag, but gamers will be disappointed by the...

Picture remains accurate when viewed at an angle ; Great response time

Terrible black uniformity ; Stand has bad ergonomics ; Temporary image retention could be distracting


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Acer G257HU smidpx


Good image quality. Very good price for the resolution. Not some stupidly large 27"+ screen.

The stand is poor as others have stated. The response time is worse than the 4ms rating you make you believe. It seems more like 8ms. The monitor is advertised as overclockable refresh rate, but mine didn't budge at all. Even just 61Hz resulted in...


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Nice panel with some issues


This is a great panel with some engineering flaws. The stand is shaky, that means if there are any slight movements on the table whether typing or using the mouse quickly the vibration will get sent to the monitor and shake. The other cons are self...

-picture quality is outstanding -very bright -117 ppi -no blur noticed -ips colors are accurate -minimal bezel (nearly edge to edge) -25" 2560x1440 is denser than 27"or28" at same resolution

-shaky stand -no VESA mount -plastic silver bottom bezel is not flush with panel -a few dead pixels -osd buttons on the bottom (a pain to use) -ugly bottom bezel


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Great Screen!


I have seen others ding this monitor for the stand, not having Vesa mounts. Nowhere does the description or the specs say it has Vesa mounts, you should have checked before you bought. You can buy a an adapter that allows you to use a Vesa Mount...

- Beautiful Screen - Works fine with Windows 10 - Price


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Dead Pixel!!


Works just fine on Windows 10 X64 10586 Using a HD 7950 latest driver 16.4.2. No black outs, or power shorts, that others have described with W10.

Great colors: Beautiful, vivid, and accurate, excellent RBG range, and good latency. I didn't see much of a difference going from 1ms TN to this monitor (4ms) This monitor can do it all, very well: Movies, Games, Pictures, Photoshop etc...

Dead pixel. It just annoys the heck out of me to see a black spot on the screen that won't go away, and takes away from the beauty of the screen, and it's wonderful colors. The controls are tough to use, it took me a while to adjust the Saturation;...


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Incompatible with Windows 10


This is absurd as my 10 year old monitor has no trouble with Windows 10. They need to specify in their tech specs that this monitor doesn't work with certain versions of Windows. It's a shame because otherwise it's great.

Great picture, love the connectivity options

As at least one other reviewer stated this monitor is NOT compatible with Windows 10. I experienced the same problems as he did: every so often the monitor will start to blink on and off (the blue LED power light stays on, it's just the display...


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Great product.


Very nice display. Packs 2K in 25''.

1. No Versa mounts. This should have been there. Taking 1 egg out because of this. 2. Horrible speakers, but again did not buy it for speakers. 3. Stand is kinda fragile and shakes a lot.


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When connected to the DP port it will flicker


looks great when it works

There seems to be a design flaw with the display port. It will flicker randomly, Sometimes it's constant, other times it will be fine for hours. You should be fine if you have plenty of Hdmi or dvi ports to connect to. I've read multiple articles on...


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ACER G257HU smidpx 25" Monitor


I would not suggest this product for anyone. Wait until a driver is created, or at least check to see if one is available.

This looked like it would be a great addition to a new computer. Clear image. nice options.

Unfortunately ACER does not have a driver for this in Windows 10, either 32 or 64 bit. Since windows 10 has been out 9 months this crazy. So, I have issues with audio dropping and every now and then the screen goes black. I called acer and the help...


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Great Monitor!


Shipping was very quick, only took 3 business days to arrive. No problem with the packaging. Very easy set up. basically plug and play. I've noticed others complaining about the stand being shaky.. I see no difference than other monitors ive...


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384,00 € KAUPPAAN

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