Asus VS239H

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Asus VS239H


The VS239H is a standard monitor that "does the job", albeit with a cheaper IPS screen, rather than the inferior TN. If you have basic needs, this may see you through — just be aware of the limited defective pixel policy.

Affordable IPS screen. With a little search, you can pick it up for under AU$170. Decent warranty term.

Buttons can be frustrating. Display a little too sharp. Not great for standalone HDMI device input. Limited defective pixel policy.

The VS239H is a standard monitor that "does the job", albeit with a cheaper IPS screen rather than the inferior TN. If you have basic needs, this may see you through — just be aware of the limited defective pixel policy.


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ASUS VS239H-P LED Monitor - IPS Goodness for You and Me


Does a low price equate to sub-par performance, even when the device in question is an IPS monitor? Here's our assessment of the ASUS VS239H-P, a 23-inch, full HD, LED-backlit IPS monitor with an HDMI input and a 5ms gray-to-gray response time. And the...

HDMI input with HDCP support ; Good pixel responsiveness; overdrive level adjustable in the menu ; Good color accuracy out of the box ; Very competitively priced for an IPS monitor

Very limited ergonomic adjustments ; Inaccurate sRGB mode ; Dynamic contrast not particularly useful in real-life tasks

For comparison, the similarly sized and spec'd Philips 237E3QPH, LG IPS235V and AOC 53-X i2353Ph cost S$279, S$328 and S$329 respectively. So the VS239H-P at S$269 can be considered a steal, especially if you don’t mind its shortcomings listed in the...


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Great monitors


People complaining about the stands? There's nothing wrong with the stands that I can see. Unless you're using them on a boat or rally racing, you shouldn't have any issues. With two, it just takes a little adjustment to get them symmetrical and then...

Great picture quality. I've had two of these since 2012, and as of today, not a single issue. Considering getting two more to stack, or whether I'll go with just one or two 27", but either way, I'll be sticking with Asus!



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Arrived Safely, Works as advertised


I would reccomend this, the price is good, it was packaged well, and works perfectly.

Nice Picture. Sleek Design, good range and motion.

Some backlight bleed/whatever you call it that is normal with IPS displays, pretty minor compared other IPS displays I have.


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Great budget IPS monitor for graphic design


I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for better color accuracy on a budget. I can't speak much to the refresh rate and how it would function with gaming, but for my uses, it's been great. There are probably better monitors out there for...

As a graphic designer that runs my own business, color accuracy was becoming something that I couldn't continue to ignore when it came to matching what was on screen to what my printers were producing. Many affordable monitors were oversaturated and...

Nothing worth taking a star off over. I guess if I was nit-picking, I would like the plugs to face down, but that’s just a preference based on having an Ergotron sit/stand station that makes it hard to get the cable plugs in because of the mount on the...


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OK monitor for anyone using 3rd party monitor stand


I wanted to stress that you only use with either VGA or DVI and with either a single or multi-monitor stand. cannot confirm how well VGA works, but didn't have a cable to test, nor would I downgrade a monitor's display by using VGA. Also, don't expect...

Crisp color, VESA mountable, 1080P, Haven't had a (major) problem yet...

- Terrible stand. DO NOT recommend for free standing. Use a VESA mountable single or multi-monitor stand or they will fall. Luckily this was my plan all along. Was very happy once multi-monitor stand came in. - Audio options make ZERO sense. Over HDMI,...


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HDMI stopped working after 3 years


I wish it lasted at least 5 years but 3 years is decent and I cant complain too much.

Great size and quality is OK, picture is actually pretty great

HDMI connection Input inside monitor went bad after 3 years and 4 months of use. Now the screen is kind of useless for me and I wish I could replace it,


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Run a solid white screen and look for errors. Then rinse repeat with Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. They are packing more and more pixels on these screens, a single broken dot is getting pretty hard to notice.

Quality monitor. Runs cool to the touch, colors look great. Only downside is LEDs are bright. But that's a knock against LEDs in general. You can crank down the brightness and it's not an issue. I liked this monitor so much I bought a second one.

One star off for it getting winged in shipping. 1 pixel light in back is out, giving it a black smudge near the top of the screen. A few years went by before realizing. I considered an RMA, but there's a local spot that has the light diode sheet,...


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good monitor but has flaws


was really counting on that 75hz to compliment my 980 ti until that new ultra widescreen asus rog monitor comes out.

Good sizes monitor, good price, ips, pretty good size (23inches) Ips panel is a huge pro. I absolutly hate TN panels and they make me want to throw up so having the colors look the sae at any angel is really nice.

this monitor says 75hz for its refresh rate but you can only use the 75hz on 4:3 aspect ratio resolutions like 1280x1024 and since this is a 1080p, 23in, 16:9 monitor, using 1280x1024 resolution looks like garbage. I purchased this monitor thinking the...


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