Dell U2415

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Dell U2415 MONITOR


The Dell Ultrasharp U2415 is an above-average IPS LCD monitor with a PC focused 1920x1200 resolution. Its wide viewing angles, taller aspect ratio (16:10) and highly ergonomic stand make it a great fit for office spaces, and its low input lag makes it...

Wide viewing angles ; Easily adjustable stand

Mediocre contrast ; Blacks are cloudy


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Dell UltraSharp 24 (U2417) review: An inexpensive general-purpose monitor deserving of its popularity


It's not feature-packed, but the UltraSharp 24 (U2417H) delivers a great display with the basics you need for everyday use.

The Dell UltraSharp 24 (U2417H) display is bright with good contrast and accurate sRGB color reproduction for the price.

Not a lot of connection options and it feels a little flimsy.

An excellent inexpensive monitor for everyday use, the UltraSharp 24 (U2417H) doesn't offer a lot of bells and whistles but it delivers everything you need in a general-purpose display.


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The Best 24-Inch Monitor


After 50 hours spent researching 19 different monitors, we found that the Dell UltraSharp U2415 is the best 24-inch monitor for most people.


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Don't Expect A Technical Review


I paid the extra $4.00 and delivery through NewEgg was fast and efficient.

My experience is likely colored by the fact that my old (8 years?!) HP 21.5" monitor was dying (persistent intermittent blackouts) and I made the mistake of buying a cheap ($89) 21.5" Dell that seemed to have a lower aspect ratio than the old one, and...

A tiny frustration: It's set up from the factory to use the DP cable. You'd think my Dell desktop would have a (mini-DP) port for that, but it did not. Since I didn't have a monitor set up, I could not consult the manual, so I spent about 45 minutes on...


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Dell U2415


- Very good Quality - Professional Design

-Daisy chain not fully compatible with MacBook Pro yet.


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Great monitor for this price range


All in all, it's a very solid display for the price range (seems to stick between 250 - 300 clams) if you're concerned about reasonable (if not quite perfect) color out of the box for image editing. You can get higher res at this price if you sacrifice...

Worlds better than the old TN-panel 1080p display I was using as far as color accuracy and viewing angles are concerned. The extra vertical space from the 16:10 aspect is more helpful than I'd anticipated when doing work-type stuff. Included USB hub is...

Only two real gripes - one, the monitor only comes with a DisplayPort cable for video hookups. While a decent chunk of newer video cards come with a DP connector, HDMI would have made more sense as it's a more widlely-used standard ATM. Secondly, while...


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Slick, but...


Don't expect daisy-chaining to work in OS X. It's sad, I know. Apple doesn't feel the need to invest in that technology since it's not a requirement for the DP specification, especially since they're pushing Thunderbolt (which is admittedly a superior...

Feels lighter than my last Dell Monitors. Definitely thinner than most. Significantly thinner bezel. DisplayPort 1.2 (daisy chaining) 6ms response time (have to change it in monitor menu) is pretty solid, even for gaming (my last monitors were 8ms) I...

Can't change any settings until video is being sent to monitor. Kinda weird... Don't be fooled by the ultra-thin bezel. While it IS very small, there is a false bezel once you turn on the monitors. The picture doesn't actually reach the edge. All...


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Very nice monitor


Would definitely buy again. Currently have an older monitor 4:3 for my second display but would love to double up on this one. Don't buy at $400 unless you have to have it now or can expense it. Got this on sale for less than $250.

Extremely pleased with this monitor. Looking at the spotty reviews below, maybe I just go lucky, or maybe the quality of the panels has improved. - Even backlighting - Beautiful matte display - Plenty bright, certainly much brighter than the old...

A few minor issues here but nothing that really makes it a bad product: - The capacitive buttons on the front are dumb. If it's dark you may end up rubbing your thumb around hoping to hit the magic spot that turns it on since there's not even a texture...


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I really wanted to like this monitor.. but


This did not meet my needs as a gamer, youtuber, and movie watcher. This did meet my business needs of programming, reading help manuals and displaying terminals.

This has nearly every connector including USB. IT DOES NOT HAVE DVI. The screen is big at 1200. Still a 1080 movie and game fit fine in letterbox. The text on this monitor was very sharp and clear. Easy on my programming eyes. Ignore the people talking...

It just wasn't bright enough and the colors were washed out and not vivid. I tried playing with the controls to brighten it up and also make the colors come in brighter. It just didn't happen. I was really excited about this monitor. It carried a good...


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Can't do 1920x1080


I intended to use this as a monitor dock for various laptops, Chromebook, mobile devices, but not being able to do 1920x1080 correctly is a deal-breaker. If you only use 1920x1200 on a PC, then the extra height is nice. I have an older U2410 which has...

Compact bezel and overall good display quality. Lots of inputs.

This has two HDMI (MHL) as well as DP, but this will not do 1920x1080 which is about the only MHL resolution. There are options for 16:10, 4:3, and 5:4 (what uses that, I have no idea), but NO 16:9.