Samsung S32E590C

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Keskimääräisesti, käyttäjät antavat tälle tuotteelle arvosanaksi 88/100.

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Test: 32-Zoll-Curved-Display Samsung S32E590C


Der Samsung S32E590C ist ein Curved-Modell mit 32-Zoll-Diagonale. Im Test glänzt der Full-HD-Bildschirm mit einer guten Bildqualität.

Stromverbrauch: Mit knapp unter 45 Watt verbraucht der Samsung S32E590C im Betrieb nicht allzu viel Strom. Im Standby-Modus sinkt der Bedarf auf niedrige 0,3 Watt. Wie bei den meisten modernen Bildschirmen fehlt dem Samsung S32E590C jedoch ein...


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Got exactly what I wanted!


I am not a gamer with a thousand dollar graphics card, so I can't comment on what I don't know. But for a nice large general purpose monitor, I am extremely happy I chose this one!

I received and hooked up this monitor today and couldn't be happier! It arrived in flawless condition. It was a perfect buy for my system and budget. Setup was easy despite the instructions being in Korean. The controls are intuitive and the operation...

The text on the display was not as clear as I wanted, but adjustments on the settings cleared that up beautifully.


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Good buy


It was well packaged and arrived in excellent condition.Setup was easy except for a stupid mistake I made which Newegg tech support fixed for me.Instead of plugging the HDMI cable into my video card I had it going into the MOBO.Dumb mistake.I got it in...


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Lot of bang for the buck!

Size, great picture, and got it for $380 at the egg


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The Greatest


Best monitor I have ever had worked on at work or at home. Anyone looking for a great gaming screen and have a GTX 970 or less this is the best option.

Super bright, vivid, with accurate colors and deep blacks. GTA 5 looks amazing and FarCry 4 is stunning.

a bit pricy for 1080p


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Good value


Easy setup, easy to use

Resolution is a bit low, but I got this for 390.98 (on sale) so it's super hard to complain.


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Amazing all purpose monitor


I know some hardcore "pros" with their $1500.00 pair of 980ti's driving a 2560x1440 144hz g-sync enabled "professional gaming monitor" would look at this monitor and laugh, but the 32" curved screen from about 3ft away is a truly immersive experience,...

Large, bright curved screen, text is clear. (regardless of what other reviews have said) Great for gaming. (see other thoughts)

If I have to give a con I would say the price. $450.00 on sale is pretty steep and the $700.00 M.S.R.P. is just crazy for a 1920x1080 monitor regardless of its curve and screen size. But I cant knock an egg personally because after a $150.00 newegg...


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Great Monitor


I would definitely recommend to others and will probably buy a 3rd when the price and my wallet align.

Bought 2 of these suckers on sale. They are awesome! Nice and big. I'm not having the issue of blurry text like others have stated. Look and respond great for gaming. You can't go wrong with Samsung monitors.

Didn't buy 3 for surround gaming!!! :( A monitor of this size would be great at 1440p. Buy 1080 is fine too.


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Dead pixel. Waiting for the replacement


Waiting for the replacement unit.

Display is good.

Unit received was defective. Dead pixel in the screen.


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Samsung's take on a very competent gaming monitor


Upgrading to this from a 32" Vizio M-Series TV, I noticed a lot of things that I was missing. This is a very solid product, and Samsung seems to hit on all the right things when it comes to a competent gaming display. Would definitely recommend to...

- The curve is very subtle, and that's a good thing IMO. It plays nicely with your eyes. - Colors are very vibrant and rich, especially with game mode enabled. - Overall a very great monitor. - The Jog Button feature on the rear is a good way to...

- The Jog Button takes a little time to get used to - Interface was set to Japanese out of the box for some reason


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