Samsung Series 9 S27B970D

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Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Ardjuna Seghers (

Samsung Series 9 S27B970D


A gorgeous 27-inch, colour-calibrated designer monitor with a 10-bit, 2560 x 1440 PLS panel.

Great viewing angles ; Excellent out-of-box image quality and colour accuracy ; Stylish design with premium materials, height adjustable ; Superb integrated speakers ; Generous connectivity

No audio in/out ; Back doesn’t feel premium ; USB hub not USB 3.0


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : John R. Delaney (

Samsung Series 9 S27B970D


The Samsung Series 9 S27B970D is an aesthetically stunning 27-inch monitor that delivers an equally stunning picture. You'll pay a premium for this PLS display, however.

Excellent color quality. Good light grayscale performance. Wide viewing angles. Sleek design.

Expensive. Reflective coating. Lacks a dedicated audio input.

The lack of an audio-in port is a glaring omission, and its $1200 price tag is a bit over the top, but if money is no object and you can live without a dedicated audio input, the Series 9 is a solid choice for a big screen monitor. That said, our...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Jeremy Laird (

Samsung Series 9 S27B970D review


Big, expensive and life-altering? Well, two out of three ain't bad

MHL support ; Solid build quality ; Good viewing angles and colour accuracy

Glass cover reduces image quality ; Price



Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa (

Samsung Series 9 S27B970D review


Ultra-high-resolution PC monitors aimed at professionals are few and far between, and ones with an attractive design are even rarer. Mac users are catered for by Apple's Cinema display, but until now, anyone using Windows has had to choose between one...

Stunning to look at, either on or off, with a price to match. The Series 9 is superb


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : PhotographyBLOG (

Samsung S27B970D Series 9 Monitor


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : paul_smart (

Samsung27inch S27B970D


This is another large flat panel, and, what a unit this is. Not only is it big at 27inches but it also can display a lot more that that seen on most other panels as the maximum resolution is 2560x1440 and not the glass ceiling of 1920x1080.

It is 64x39x1cm the latter at the edges; it does become 2cm thick further in. The stand is circular at 25cm and2.5cm thick. The arm that connects it to the panel can collapse to 6cm or raise to 16cm and the movement is so smooth. Almost all monitors...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Silent PC (

Expert Review


The Samsung Syncmaster S27B970D 27" LED Monitor is very much a high end product, but rather than appeal to just imaging professionals, Samsung has targeted a broader market: The well-heeled tech consumer who is into digital photography, all the umpteen...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : InsideHW (

Expert Review


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Charlie White (

Samsung 27-Inch Monitor Delivers World-Class Color [REVIEW]


Good color is easy to find in a computer monitor, but the 27-inch Samsung Series 9 monitor aims for great color. Just how great is it?


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa (

Samsung SyncMaster S27B970D 27" Series 9 Super PLS LED Monitor Review


Once you lift the Series 9 S27B970D Super PLS monitor out of the box, you can feel the heft that is 18.04lbs. Most of the weight is really coming from the stand, because it's not only being used as a base.

This is an interesting review. You must take all of the comments I made from start to finish and form your own conclusions that suits your own personal preferences. When compared to the Series 8 S27A850D, it has the same type of Super PLS technology on...

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