Jet Set Radio Future- Xbox

Jet Set Radio Future- Xbox
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alaTest on kerännyt ja analysoinut 38 arvostelut tuotteelle Jet Set Radio Future- Xbox. Keskimääräinen antama arvosana tälle tuotteelle on 4.1/5, verrattuna keskimääräiseen arvosanaan 4.3/5 kategoriassa Pelikonsolit.


Me analysoimme käyttäjien ja ammattilaisten antamia arvosteluita, tuotteen ikää ja muita seikkoja. Verraten muihin tuotteisiin kategoriassa Pelikonsolit, Jet Set Radio Future- Xbox on saanut alaScore™-arvosanan 84/100 = Erittäin hyvä.

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Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Thomas McDermott (

Jet Set Radio Future (Xbox) review


The setting is Tokyo; the year is 2024. Freedom is a valuable commodity, and freedom of expression is even more so. The thumping beats and mean streets are back, Jet Set Radio Future is on the Xbox video game system. Featuring unique comic-style...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Florian Kunde (

Jet Set Radio Future



JSRF macht immer noch genauso viel Spaß wie der Vorgänger zu guten alten DC Zeiten. Die vielen freizuschaltenden Extras und der sehr motivierende Story-Modus lassen euch so schnell nicht los! Auch später legt man es gerne mal wieder ins Laufwerk um...


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Test: Jet Set Radio Future


Jet Set Radio Future ist die Fortsetzung von Jet Set Radio, welches auf Sega's Dreamcast eine große Fangemeinde hatte. Programmiert wurde das Spiel von Smilebit und die Rechte wurden von Sega für die X-Box Version an Infogrames verkauft. Was die...


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i have always been a fan of 'Jet Set Radio' but this game wasnt what i was expecting.. it isnt as good as the first one.. its basically the same with a few tweaks, still a good game by all means but the first one takes it for me..


Käyttäjän arvostelu (

Skating and vandalism is so much fun


First of all I'd like to say I hate skating games, always have, until now. JSRF is a skating game with a difference, the controls are dead easy so that even the first time you pick this game up you can do tricks, there isn't a hundred different button...


Käyttäjän arvostelu (

Stunning Graphics, Same Gameplay


Doom is my Halo. While the masses went out and preordered Halo II, waiting in an almost maniacal fervor, I waited for Doom III. I've always loved Doom. From the first time I played it when I was ten years old, to the the time I bought a Playstation ...

Scary, amazing graphics, same old Doom gameplay

with some unneccessary additions


Käyttäjän arvostelu (

Doom 3 may not be the best Xbox game out there, but it's still good.


I was so excited when I heard about this game. I am a really big fan of the Doom series, and I just couldn’t wait for this to come out. The problem was I didn’t have an Xbox at that time, and my computer couldn’t play games worth crap so I went ahead...

Graphics, weapons, scares, and more

I hated the flashlight


Käyttäjän arvostelu (

Jet Set Rocks


Tired of playing the same old games with the same old storyline? Want the freedom to skate around the Tokyo performing tricks just for a laugh? Do you yern to go back to your youth and rage against the machines of an opressive government armed only...


Käyttäjän arvostelu (

To Hell And Back Again, Thus You Are Unnamed


I would like to start this here review by saying hi. its been quite some time since Ive written on here, 22 and a half months to be exact. Now I make my comeback....well atleast for one review. What kind of gamer hasn't heard of or played Doom. it was ...

Scary, fast paced, hell, lighting, etc

Co-op and deathmatch are only in system link and online


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Doom 3 is scary as hell !


First of all, I will try to give you an idea of just how scary Doom 3 is. Imagine that you are in a small room filled with high tech, futuristic computers with the door locked and a large window showing the other room on the outside. Then, all of a ...

Amazingly beautiful graphics, great game-play. Prettiest demons I’ve ever seen

You can only play multiplayer via system link or Xbox Live. Can get repetitive