Nintendo GameCube

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Nintendo GameCube


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Bryan Dailey (

Nintendo GameCube Special Edition


Introduction Nintendo's GameCube videogame system was launched in the United States back in November of 2001, so you may be asking yourself, "Why review it now in June of 2003?" When the system was originally launched, there were very few games and it...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Jo Shields (

Nintendo Game Cube [PAL]


The dust has well and truly settled from the last console war. The Sony Playstation emerged vitorious, beating off the eccentric architecture of Nintendo's N64, and two generations of Sega (one deserving of failiure, one deserving of greatness)....


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Bart Stoffels (

Nintendo GameCube


GameCube is niet de krachtigste spelconsole, maar valt zeker niet te onderschatten.

Technisch gezien loopt de Gamecube achter op de Xbox maar de ware troef van Nintendo ligt duidelijk op het vlak van games. Bovendien heeft Nintendo een trouw publiek dat verknocht is aan de vele personages zoals Mario, Pokémon en Zelda. Wel hopen we...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Jacques Harbonn (

Nintendo Gamecube


Une console rien que pour le jeu, telle est la devise de la Gamecube. Exit donc les possibilités de lecture CD audio, DVD vidéo et autres ports d'extension façon PC de ses concurrentes. Mais pour le jeu, elle s'en tire avec les honneurs.


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Nintendo GameCube


Att NGC är en liten och söt apparat som ändå kan en himla mycket med tanke på sin ringa storlek imponerar. Att den dessutom säljs för under 1000 kronor gör den tillgänglig för en hel del massor a folk som gillar TV-spel

Riktigt liten och söt, Bra handkontrol

4, 1,5 gig, Kan inte spela vanliga DVD-skivor


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Nintendo GameCube


Nintendo CameCube är en ny spelkonsol från Nintendo. Den har en 485 MHz Gecko processor och spelen lagras på 3-tums DVD-skivor med en kapacitet på 1,5 Gb.


Käyttäjän arvostelu (

Perhaps the best retail console choice


The best game for the system IMO is Metroid Prime (the first one). Don't get a GC and not it. I also enjoyed Soul Caliber II.

There is a surprising variety of games available for it. Some of them are cheap nothings, like Sonic the H. compilation (which is great fun), and some are really good. I'd say it's the most cost-effective of all its competitors. It's also a good...

Video games are just not what they were. That's why it only gets 4 stars. But everyone's guilty, not only Nintendo ; If I want to watch a movie, I'll go watch a movie. If I want to play video games, I'll download an emulator


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I've said all i must.

Small, Powerful, Solid game lineup for ALL ages(I'm talking to you, Xbox), Responsive and Intuitive. This was the pinnacle of video gaming in its time. Halo 3 doesn't even compare to half the games on Gamecube. You can have next-to-real graphics, or...

Its not huge, overheated, and loaded with only m-rated games(not that those are good things). No hard drive


Käyttäjän arvostelu (

It was my baby for awhile


It makes me sad because i loved my Gamecube, and I wish it was still in perfect condition. There was also a lot of potential that never really developed (there was some sort of broadband adapter for it...apparently for online play) May I suggest a few...

Nice look, the controllers were great for my smaller hands back then, a few nice games (re4, metroid, etc)

Over the years, the system has started to crash. I will be right in the middle of a fond memory and it will either lock up and buzz or show a gamecube "blue screen of death" After playing next-gen games on hdtvs, even the sharpest and brightest...


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