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Me analysoimme käyttäjien ja ammattilaisten antamia arvosteluita, tuotteen ikää ja muita seikkoja. Verraten muihin tuotteisiin kategoriassa Pelikonsolit, Sony PlayStation 4 Pro on saanut alaScore™-arvosanan 98/100 = Paras.

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PS4 Pro Review: Still worth your money in 2018?


Sony PS4 Pro review: In light of the Xbox One X, we've taking another look at Sony's flagship console. Is it still worth a buy?

Stunning graphics with 4K and HDR ; Quieter ; Games load more quickly ; Enhances some PS4 and PSVR games

No 4K Blu-ray ; Power and eject buttons feel cheap

The PS4 Pro is the undisputed console champ no longer, but if you’re looking for a step up into 4K gaming, it’s still the best deal in town.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Mike Epstein (

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review


The PlayStation 4 Pro plays games at a resolution you'd normally expect out of a PC, and comes with the same technical challenges.

4K gaming for less than $500 ; Improves visuals on select PlayStation VR titles ; Makes all games run slightly better than standard PS4 ; Looks good even on 1080p TVs ; Supports all PS4 games

HDR can be very difficult to set up ; Very few titles offer 4K support at launch ; No 4K Blu-ray Player

There are a lot of questions you need to ask and answer before buying a PS4 Pro if you want to get the most out of the console. Do you own a 4K HDR 10 television? Does that TV have an HDMI port on the physical set? Do you use a receiver or switcher for...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa (

Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro is a perfect way to show off your 4K TV


The PlayStation 4 Pro is the most powerful home console yet, though you'll need a 4K/HDR TV to truly take advantage of it. If you already have a PS4 and are stuck with a 1080p, you can wait before upgrade.

Best graphical performance in a console. ; Your existing games will get upgraded for free. ; Makes PS VR much smoother.

Not a huge upgrade for existing PS4 owners with 1080p TVs. ; No 4K Blu-ray drive. ; You’ll have to wait for games to get patched to take advantage of it.

So who is the PlayStation 4 Pro actually meant for? After testing it out for the past week, I'd say it's for people who haven't yet bought a PS4 and want to show off their fancy new 4K/HDR sets. And of course, there are the hardcore gamers who will...


DT Editors' Choice

Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Ryan Fleming (

Sony PlayStation 4 review


Sleeker, faster and more flexible than ever, Sony's PlayStation 4 turns out to be a formidable force in the living room.

Powerful hardware hasn’t even reached its full potential ; Much-improved DualShock 4 controller ; Multitasking allows background downloads, music over games and more ; Sharing content is simple ; Justifies owning a Vita

Many features still on the way, like Gaikai streaming games ; Baffling lack of DLNA and MP3 support

Sony has the chance to do what few people or companies can do, and correct its errors of the past. The manufacturer


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Robert Jones (

Sony PS4 Pro review: T3's official PlayStation 4 Pro review


T3's official PlayStation 4 Pro review is here. Find out if the PS4 Pro beats the Xbox One X now…

4K, HDR gaming ; Faster UI ; Optical digital port returns ; Excellent gaming ecosystem

Triple-tier design ; No Ultra HD Blu-ray player


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : What Hi-Fi? (

Sony PS4 Pro review


No 4K Blu-ray or HDR video streaming, but the PS4 Pro is a worthy update

Price ; Rich colour ; Crisp detail ; Good handling of 4K games ; Impressive upscaler ; Mechanical buttons

Sound could be more dynamic ; No 4K Blu-ray player ; Streaming services need HDR updates

Makes games look better, but still needs work to be an all-in-one 4K streamer and player


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Jeff Bakalar (

PlayStation 4 Slim review: Your old PS4, but smaller -- not that anything's wrong with that


Sony's slimmed-down PS4 is mostly the same old black box we've known since 2013. And that's OK.

The newer PS4 has a smaller footprint, slick design, quieter operation and keeps intact all of the PS4 awesomeness it's offered since 2013. The slightly updated DualShock4 controller is a bonus.

The slim PS4 loses its optical audio port, which will be a bummer for third-party headphone users. The somewhat pricier PS4 Pro delivers a larger hard drive and the promise of better graphics.

The PS4 Slim is a deja vu game console: great for gamers on a budget, not quite as good as the PS4 Pro and skippable for any existing PlayStation 4 owner.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Jeff Bakalar (

PlayStation 4 Pro review (updated): A futureproof game console waiting for more compelling games


The PlayStation 4 Pro promises enhanced 4K visuals for certain games. But at launch, it's a tough sell.

The PS4 Pro outputs a 4K- and HDR signal that's compatible with high-end TVs, and promises better visuals and increased frame rates for certain games. The console includes a 1TB hard drive, and it works with all PS4 games, apps and accessories to date.

Out of the gate, only a handful of titles offer dramatic improvements. In reality, most games that support Pro enhancements don't offer a drastic difference in quality when comparing standard and Pro games side-by-side. Specific information on game...

The PlayStation 4 Pro only shows noticeable improvements in a limited number of the games we were able to test, but that could change with titles coming in the months and years ahead.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Paul Miller (

PlayStation 4 Pro review: 4K gaming is here


The PlayStation 4 Pro marks a turning point for the modern console era. In fact, it redefines what a "console" even means. Consoles are supposed to offer "good enough" graphics at an attractive...

4K gaming looks great ; Only $100 more than the PS4 slim ; A year before Project Scorpio

No 4K Blu-rays ; Not exactly "true" 4K ; Few Pro Enhanced titles at launch

Is $399 for 4K gaming too good to be true?


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Will Greenwald (

Sony PS4 Pro


The Sony PS4 Pro is an upgraded, more powerful version of the PlayStation 4 game system, but it's only worth the extra cost for fanatics and certain new buyers.

More powerful hardware means some games can look better or play smoother. Slightly improved DualShock 4 controller.

Games need to be individually patched to benefit from the PS4 Pro's extra power. No Ultra HD Blu-ray playback.

If you haven't jumped up to 4K yet and you still have a PS4, you don't need to even consider upgrading to the PS4 Pro. If you don't own a current game system and have a 4K TV, especially one capable of HDR, you should consider the PS4 Pro. It offers...


Product Specifications


DC in -pistoke:Kyllä
Digitaalisen äänen optinen lähtö:1
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45)-portit:1
HDMI -portteja:1
USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) A-tyypin porttien määrä:2 / 3
USB 3.0-portteja:2


Sisäiset kaiuttimet:Ei
Tuetut videomoodit:2160p

Muut ominaisuudet

Ethernet LAN (RJ-45)-portit:1
Tuetut grafiikan erottelutarkkuudet:3840 x 2160


Sisäänrakennettu näyttö:Ei


ESRB luokitus:E (Kaikki)
Käyttöalusta:PlayStation 4
Kehittäjä:Evolution Studios
PEGI luokitus:3
Pelin painos:Perus

Paino ja mitat

Paino:2,8 / 3,3
Tuotteen korkeus:5,3 / 53 / 55
Tuotteen leveys:27,5 / 275 / 295 / 30,5 / 305
Tuotteen paino:2,8 / 2800
Tuotteen syvyys:275 / 30,5 / 305 / 327 / 5,3

Pakkauksen sisältö

Gamepadien määrä:1 / 2
Ohjaimet mukana:Peliohjain
Pelit mukana:1 / Batman Arkham Knight / Batman: Arkham Knight in Amaray, The Last of Us: Remastered Digital Download Voucher, PlayStation®Plus 3-month membership / Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition / Dualshock 4 / FIFA 18 / STAR WARS Battlefront / That's You / That's You, Knowledge is power, Hidden Agenda / The Order: 1886 / Uncharted 4: A Thief's End / Watch Dogs / WatchDogs 1&2
Sisältää johdot:AC / AC, HDMI / AC, HDMI, Micro-USB / AC, HDMI, USB / AC, USB, HDMI / HDMI, Micro-USB / HDMI, USB
Sisältää kuulokemikrofonin:Kyllä
Sisältää pelin:Ei / Kyllä
Virtalähde mukana:Kyllä


Grafiikkaprosessori:AMD Radeon
Käyttöalusta:PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 4 Pro
Käyttölämpötila:5 - 35
Käyttöympäristö:PlayStation 4
Näytönohjaimen muistityyppi:GDDR5
Prosessori:AMD Jaguar
Sisäinen muisti:8000 / 8192 / 8196
Sisäinen muisti (tyyppi):GDDR5
Sisäinen suoritin:AMD Jaguar
Tuettujen peliohjaimien lukumäärä:4


Tuotteen väri:Musta / Valkoinen
Väri:Musta / Musta, Harmaa / Musta, Punainen, Valkoinen / Sininen, Harmaa / Valkoinen


Integroitu kortinlukija:Ei
Kiintolevyn kapasiteetti:1000 / 500
Kiintolevyn koko:2.5
Optiset asemat:Blu-Ray / Blu-Ray/DVD
Sisäänrakennettu optinen asema:Kyllä
Sisäinen kiintolevy:Kyllä
Sisäinen varastointikapasiteetti:1000 / 500

Tekniset tiedot

Pakkauksen sisältö:UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection Game Voucher


Bluetooth-versio:2.1+EDR / 4.0 LE
Ethernet LAN data-siirtonopeudet:10, 100, 1000 / 10,100,1000 / 10,1000,100 / 1000
LAN (kiinteä):Kyllä
Verkkostandardit:IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n / IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3u / IEEE 802.3 / IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3u / IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab
Wi-Fi -standardit:802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n / 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11n / IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n / IEEE 802.11a,IEEE 802.11ac,IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n / IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n / IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n


AC-syöttöjännite:100 / 100 - 240 / 220 / 220 - 240
AC-syöttötaajuus:50 - 60 / 50/60