Sony VPL-VW270ES

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Sony VPL-VW270ES review: Projection perfection


A spectacularly good native 4K projector at an almost reasonable price

Fabulous picture quality ; Motorised zoom and lens shift ; HDR10 and HLG support

Not as bright as good 4K HDR TVs ; Rather big and heavy

The Sony VPL-VW270ES might be the firm’s entry-level 4K projector but it’s so good that, for most home theatre applications, it’s probably all the projector you’d ever need. Yes, the next model up in the range (the VPL-VW570ES) does offer a bit more...


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Sony VPL-VW270ES Review


The entry-level projector in Sony's 2018 SXRD native 4K line-up costs £5000 and does without many of the features of the next model up, the VW570ES. So...

Native 4K panel ; Cheapest Native 4K projector so far ; Excellent colour accuracy in SDR ; Very good colour accuracy with HDR ; Good video processing ; Image sharpness is good ; Decent panel uniformity and convergence ; Very good build quality

Inaccurate out of the box ; Black levels are not as good as competing models at the price point or the VW570ES ; No manual iris control ; No Dynamic Iris ; No Lens Memory functions ; No motorised lens cover ; Needs to be in high lamp mode for HDR...

Overall, the VW270ES is an entry-level projector, even at its rather expensive price point, as native 4K still costs a lot to manufacture. Sony have done their best to try and get the entry point under the £5K ceiling this year and the cuts made for...

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Sony VPL-VW270ES (Test)


Sony kann auch konservativ: Seit rund 10 Jahren hat sich der Infrarotgeber in Design und Struktur kaum geändert. Zahlreiche Direkttasten der beleuchtbaren Fernbedienung ermöglichen das schnelle Umschalten zwischen wichtigen Bildfunktionen. Für die...

Der Sony VPL-VW270ES erweitert dank modernisierter Signalverarbeitung die Einsatzfähigkeiten der UHD-Auflösung und ist somit für Film, Sport und Spiel bestens geeignet. Für 5.000 Euro findet man derzeit keinen besseren Bildwerfer für das ambitionierte...


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Stunning 4K picture quality, truly unbelievable!


prefer the Sony 4K native projectors over the JVC projectors. The Sony picture is a lot more vivid and contrast and edges are much better. Don't get me wrong the 4K JVC projectors are extremely good but I believe they lack the overall quality of the...


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Very easy to set up


I bought this projector to replace an Optoma 4k which I was extremely happy with but wanted to get true native 4k. I wasn't expecting such a big difference a truly amazing picture ,a natural picture with superb detail . Watching Blue Planet is like...


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Fantastic Picture Quality


I've had three different projectors before this Sony, the latest being from the Faux 4K stable - they just aren't in the same ball park as this native 4k projector from Sony, the sharpness of the picture is incredible and t is such a realistic picture....


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Sony projector


Very knowledgeable and helpful staff whilst discussing Home Entertainment Systems. Good projector - True 4K. Very sharp image. Contrast could be slightly better.


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Fantastic Projector


I bought this following the advice of Richer Sounds Stockport when upgrading my home theatre. I previously had an Epson EH-TW6000 HD/3D projector which I loved, but wanted the full 4K experience. I was nervous that the projector was only 1,500 lumens...


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Exactly as it says on the tin!!


A few months into this beauty and still amazed by the quality. I know 5K is a lot but if you use it a lot well worth the investment The 3D is also superb actually started buying more 3D discs as a result. Picture is pin sharp and very quiet running....


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