BUNN HG Phase Brew 8-Cup Home Brewer Coffee Maker

BUNN HG Phase Brew 8-Cup Home Brewer Coffee Maker
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Käyttäjän arvostelu (meijer.com)

Great coffee maker


I have had this Bunn for 3 years now. Never had a problem with it and brews the best cup of coffee. I was a huge Cuisinart fan before, but they wouldn't last long. I tried many others and didn't like any of them till i got the Bunn. The coffee is hot...

Brews Quickly Durable Easy To Clean Easy To Use Large Pot Multiple Settings Stylish

Käyttäjän arvostelu (meijer.com)

Bunn HG Coffee Maker


Makes a rich tasting dark roast coffee. My second Bunn and I like this model better than the last, which was a good appliance.

Brews quickly Makes excellent coffee

None yet

Käyttäjän arvostelu (meijer.com)

Must be the world's best for the home.


I've gone through 4 coffee makers in the past year, and the Bunn is the only one that worked well. [...]. I'm finally happy and so is my wife since I quit griping.

Desirable features Easy to use and clean Excellent quality MAKES GREAT COFFEE The price was right


Käyttäjän arvostelu (meijer.com)

Love it!


My previous bunn was a velocity brew and it was very fast but you had to perfectly center the pot where the coffee dripped out and it would overflow so water and coffee grounds would collect in the gap all the way around the warmer plate. The HG...

Durable Easy To Clean Easy To Use Stylish

Käyttäjän arvostelu (meijer.com)

I Liked This Coffee Maker


I purchased this coffee maker at Meijer because of the way it looked. I had previously owned 2 BUNN's, I was not disappointed in my 3rd.

Käyttäjän arvostelu (meijer.com)

Worked very well


I used this coffer maker one time, started to throw away the box and packing material and my wife noticed on the bottom right corner of the bottom of the box was "Made In China". This is after searching the internet for a coffee pot that turns itself...

Käyttäjän arvostelu (meijer.com)

Why does the CLE display come on after B


Why does the CLE display come on after each brew using the HG MODEL??? I've cleaned it even though we just bought it new. How do I get rid of the CLE display???

Käyttäjän arvostelu (meijer.com)

Bunn Still Working Out the Kinks


Gave this to our son who knows his coffee. The whole idea of brewing at 200 degrees and using a spray head to get the most out of the coffee are all great ideas. Glad we gave it to him before Christmas. He took it back to school and after only about 5...

Fast Good Cup of Coffee

Not working within 1 Week

Käyttäjän arvostelu (meijer.com)



Mainly disliked this brewer because it was loud and couldn't remove pot in the middle of the "brew" process. Should have done my homework before buying. Did make average coffee. My old cheap Mr. Coffee made much stronger coffee than this one.

Brews Coffee Easy To Use

Long Brew Time Loud No Coffee Til Done

Käyttäjän arvostelu (meijer.com)

This product is worthless


I used this product for 6 months and it made good coffee; however, it needed to be cleaned and quit working. I followed the directions for cleaning it three times, but it just won't work. It doesn't matter if it makes good coffee if it just won't make...

Makes good coffee

Not Well Made