DéLonghi Nespresso Essenza EN95R / EN95S

DéLonghi Nespresso Essenza EN95R / EN95S
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Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)

Good at first but now make rubbish Coffee


This Machine served me well for a year but over time the quality of coffee (and strength) has deteriorated. I have tried cleaning it and using the recommended cleaning products but its not helping. I ended up purchasing a nespressi instead due to the...

Nice coffee at the start

Coffee quality got worse over time


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)

Should be better at making Lemonade! It's a Lemon after all!


First one lasted just over twelve months! took forever to try to get it fixed under warranty but it never happened. Finally was given a brand new replacement.... lasted under twelve months! not going to bother with the rigmarole again... Luke warm...

Got it as a present! Not much else


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)

Great machine!!


We had the woolies caffitaly machine for nearly a year and thought it was pretty good. Then one morning it had leaked everywhere and wouldn't hold water anymore. So i was in the market for another one, the cheapest was 69 but had very average reviews,...


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)

Great coffee - easy


I can't drink instant coffee but the nespresso makes cafe like cappuccino's. it also very easy to make and clean. It is also very well priced although the pods are more expensive than buying grounded coffee. They are still much cheaper than take away...


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)

DéLonghi EN95R / EN95S Nespresso Essenza


Yes, the Essenza does make nice coffee. However, be careful with the two year warranty on the machine. In my case the mechanism to puncture the pods failed and coffee is now too weak (undrinkable) and a lot of water escapes from the machine because of...

Attractive machine, nice coffee, when it worked properly

Mechanical failure happened just out of warranty. Cost to fix - $150


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)

Love it


Makes a great coffee, easy to use, easy to clean. Coffee pods are ordered online as no store close to us which took a few days which was no stress at all. Nespresso products seem a bit expensive like cups and accessories. We love ours and it is a great...

Makes a great coffee

Need low height cups to fit under outlet


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)

Can't live without it!


We bought this coffee machine in December 2011 in the post Christmas sales and have loved it ever since! Whilst we don't drink an awful lot of coffee, we generally have one cup each per day. The pods are so easy to use and there is basically no...

Easy to use and no mess


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We use Piazza D'oro Capsules L'or Capsules that are from Woolies. Nespresso pods too expensive. Makes a great coffee. Tidy unit. Had a delonghi machine that used the grinds and was so bulky and messy. This one has been working perfectly for two years...

Clean tasty brews

Genuine nespresso pods are expensive


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)

So easy!!


Got this as a Xmas present and the family all love it! we used all the provided capsules pretty quickly. I was concerned that it could be a pain getting more capsules easily, but we have found we can use capsules sold at Woolworths just as well. Still...

Very very easy to use, saving a fortune on lattes (as this was a present I am not factoring in any initial outlay)


Käyttäjän arvostelu (productreview.com.au)

Brilliant Coffee


Thrown out the rubbishy MAP Bella and invested in a De Longhi Exxenza. Absolutely brilliant and a far wider coffee range. We can now have coffee before work without having to mess about with the MAP machine whilst it makes up its mind to work or not,...

Ease of use