FrancisFrancis! X 3 Amici

FrancisFrancis! X 3 Amici
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Olemme keränneet ja analysoineet 1 ammattilaisten arvostelua ja 17 käyttäjien arvostelua kansainvälisistä lähteistä. Käyttäjät arvioivat sen 71/100. Keskimääräinen arviointipvm on 15-08-2006. Olemme verranneet näitä arvosteluja 61793 arvosteluun kategoriassa Single-Serve Coffee Makers. alaScore™ tälle tuotteelle on 74/100 =Hyvä. Viimeisin päivitys: 13-12-2018.

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14 espressomaskiner


Det går att få till en god espresso med härlig crema även hemma. 14 små espressomaskiner testas av Råd & Rön.


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Average at best Weak Frother broke after one year of use?


First I would like to say this was a step up from my krups LOL... Then I thought since it was a pump driven model it would be more powerful not so if you grind it too fine I had problems with it. and then there is this stupid hole in the bottom so if...

Average cup not enough head on the espresso

Weak Steamer Have to get the grind right


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Nice looks and solidly built. Makes good espresso if your materials, tools and techniques are there.


I got this machine at Williams Sonoma for $214 with tax. It was half price, so I had to get it. The machine did not come with a ground coffee portafilter as it is made for the ESE pods. Purchasing this added $38 to the price. So far, most of the...

Compact size, all-metal body and parts, brass boiler and innards, quality finish, fast heating cycle

Small space between portafilter and drip tray makes using anything but small cups difficult so using a larger milk pitcher is also difficult, water reservoir holds enough for perhaps 4 drinks, instruction manual difficult to understand, messy to use...


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I recommend this machine.


I won the bidding for this machine on an otherwise uneventful Tuesday at 5am on Ebay. As the seller would not ship to Canada I had it shipped to Ship Happens in Sumas, a company which provides interested consumers with a US address. 4 days later I was...

Beautiful machine ; Brass boiler, grouphead and filterholder. Also some brass couplings ; Brews both pods and ground coffee ; Compact

Could be of a sturdier construction


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Easy to use on a daily basis for a single user. Don't know about parts support, could be sketchy.


I was thrown at first by the strangely designed portafilter adapter. This machine has a non-pressurized PF. However one should use the special tamper that is supplied. It comes apart with a simple twist, and leaves a bakelite disc covering the...

This machine is perfect for a "daily driver." Because of the portafilter adapter/tamper, the brew head group stays clean. Boiler has a very quick recovery time

Can rarely exceed 15 seconds before the boiler needs to reheat. The bunch of pamphlets included with the machine is practically useless and would befuddle a first time owner


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great machine if I can fix it. Poop If I can‘t.


Got sweet clearance price of $199 from Willam Sanoma in Oklahoma. Had to pay $30 shipping + 40 for ground coffee adaptor. Pretty happy with basic preformance. I use ground coffee.

Looks nice & well made. Not a cheaply built piece of junk like some. I get good crema & plenty of steam for the milk

This baby continues to dribble liquid after the shot is finished. As I steam my milk the water continues to dribble out even faster? I contacted the manufacturer rep & was told that there is a little ball that may be dirty & they are sending a...


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Buy a professional machine, which is not the X3


The Francis Francis X3 is a road to repair, expense, aggravation, waiting and less. The x3 broke annually. The boiler is too tiny. Check out Machines in the 1000-1500 dollar range. If you buy an x3 fro 600.00 before long you'll be spending well over a ...


It sucks


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Form and Function (but watch out for faulty boiler elements)


For the niche that it was designed to fill, it is really hard to find a better machine than the X3. If you want designer styling, top notch build quality, a good boiler, and good coffee all out of a small machine that actually fits on a counter, then...

Best styling and build quality available for this price ; Fast heatup ; Small size

Small steam capacity ; No 3-way valve ; BAD boiler element design and wiring safety ; Replacement parts not available unless you send the machine out for servicing


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This is a nice machine with a slim, euro design that will produce great coffee for several years but not built to last...


I bought the X3 a little over a year ago. I have been exceedingly pleased with the results. It looks great. It is fairly slim (and I have limited countertop space). Mine is bright Ferrari Red.

Great looking espresso machine. Very well constructed. Produces, at least to me, a great espresso. It accepts both pods and regular coffee. I have been using mostly pods but the taste is still much better than most coffee houses in Baltimore

There is only one warranty shop -- empire fullfillment -- in all of the US. You must send your broken machine there at your cost, wait weeks to have machine repaired, and then pay to have it returned. The machine is heavy and very costly to ship. I am...


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Beauty and function.


First let me say I bought this product as a secondary machine. I have an Isomac Tea (which I love to excess) that I keep at work where I drink my 2-3 daily shots. The X3 I keep at home for the weekends and weeknights where I need a little boost before...

Beautiful design, solid build, superior espresso quality for price paid, adequate steaming

Small water reservoir, low cup clearance, akward frothing arm, too expensive at $500 retail price