Keurig B70 Coffee Maker

Keurig B70 Coffee Maker
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Brews Great Coffee, Fast


Based on feedback from friends who own Keurig's, the single-cup model is a pain unless you're a single hermit. A friend with a B70 had his clog badly due to lack of cleaning (you run vinegar through it). We drink a *lot* of coffee and clean ours the...

Convenience and Speed ; Great Selection of Coffees ; No Mess, No Fuss, No Cleanup ; Everyone Gets Their Own Favorite Coffee ; Large reservoir and robust heater... first cup from cold start in less than 2 minutes, then each cup in about 20-30 seconds,...

Clean it religiously or it dies ; Can't "raise the hood" if kitchen cabinet overhead


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Great brand?, horrible model


Would pick a different model. Kurrig had really great customer service the first time, they didn't even want the old brewer back. The second time they were just as nice as well, they sent me the return label with the new one so they could run tests on...

Makes a perfect cup of coffee when it works. There is also a great selection of coffee, I usually load up with every non decaffeinated non flavored coffee they have when I make my coffee runs

Does not work reliably. Have had 3 B70's fail in just barely over a year, purchased my first last Christmas


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this is the best thing to wake up in the morning. it never failed me so far. it's working great! before i had this, i was the only one who's drinking coffee because my family doesnt like making coffee but now my k-cups on my k-cups carousel is almost...

expensive but worth it


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Owners Read this!


No reason to give 1 or 2 eggs. Keurig has award winning customer service. Call them and even if it is past one month on warranty they will help you out. I see one reviewer did not do that, so just try it, you never know what may happen.

I don't know why everyone is writing bad reviews. If your machine is shutting off, it means you have to clean it with vinegar like the book says to. Trust me on this it did it to my machine. Also do not use tap water it will clog the machine faster ; I...

Not much cons just price and price of coffee but I knew that before I bought it


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It's like playing Russian roulette with the brew button


It's tall so if it is set back against the wall under a cabinet, I don't have access to the K-cup container, thus I keep it towards the front of the counter, wasting valuable space. You have to clean it and descale it regularly or it will stop brewing...

Quick and easy way to get coffee. K-cups are very available. For me, it is cheaper to drink coffee from my B70 than from the traditional coffee maker as I only drink what I make; with a traditional coffee brewer, I would waste a lot of coffee

I am on my third replacement B70 (making this the fourth) and every morning is met with anxiety - will it work this time? It's like playing Russian roulette every time I press the brew button. I am done with replacements as they all have had similar...


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Broke 1 month after warranty exp


I read the longevity of this coffeemaker depends greatly on the quality of that is used. As for us, we only used bottled water and never tap, but it broke all the same.

Was ok while it worked

Just one month after the one year warranty, it just stopped working with no apparent reason. Could find no help from Keurig's website or forums


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Not good


Get the Elite. We have used this in our office for over 2 years making anywhere from 10- 20 cups a day without any problems.

Looks cool

It would be awesome if it worked all the time. The thing has bugs in the machinery. We have used it in our office for over a year making 10-20 cups a day. Sometimes you will hit the button and nothing will happen. I found out that if you slap the top...


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Travel Cup setting gives only 8 ozs


After reading other reviews of questionable quality control from Keurig I ordered the Cuisinart SS-700 Chrome Single Serve Brewing System from New Egg. It also uses the K-Cups.

Good Look. Easy To Use

After several tech calls to the manufacturer machine still only produces 8 oz on travel mug setting. Use a measuring cup to make sure your machine is producing same volume as per your machines setting


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Quality Control Problems?


Not sure if there are longstanding quality control issues or if this is a recent occurrence. First one arrived DOA, and now this. A second call to the manufacturer resulted them immediately sending a new unit and not requiring a return. customer...

Great concept, when it works

Stopped working properly eg will not brew a full cup after making about 75 cups of perfect coffee


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stopped working after 1 week


I purchased this from Costco and started using on Christmas day. On New Year's Day it stopped working. Machine rumbles displaying "Not Ready" then shuts down. After about an hour of being powered off, I tried again. It worked for a while, but then...

Convenient, lots of variety, family friendly, 4 cup size options, quick

Stopped working after one week