Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System with bonus 12-count K-Cup Varity Pack and Water Filter 20029

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System with bonus 12-count K-Cup Varity Pack and Water Filter 20029
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Works great


highly recommend. Did purchase when Newegg had it on sale

Can make cup after cup really fast. Coffee taste so much better with Keurig, drinking less coffee now. Also like the water storage container.



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Nice upgrade


I also bought the Keurig Vue which is very nice but it's annoying that it doesn't use regular k cups so I bought another one of these and just decided to have both.

Great replacement for the old version, came with a water filter in it that you replace every 6 months. Just seems to work better whereas the old one had all sorts of issues right from the get go.

None yet...


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Great Coffee


- Its a Keurig, what do you want me to say thats great about them? Everything is great!

- It doesn't do my laundry- It does not dispense directly into my mouth


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Sick of returning


New Egg rocks, shipped on time, good price... Keurig well read above

Works great but w/o the optional filter!

Got this for the GF for Xmas, we un-boxed it followed the instructions to the "T" got 1 cup of coffer. After that you would get a 1/4 to 1/2 cup or nothing at all.Called Keurig and they said no problem and sent out a replacement K cup holder and the...


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Great for a quick cup of anything warm


I was using a coffee maker and sometimes wouldn't drink more than one cup a day. The rest would go to waste. I bought one of these and have been very happy with ease of use and speed at which the unit heats up the water to make a cup of coffee, tea, or...

Easy to set up. Very fast at brewing a cup of coffee. Aftermarket reusable filters work with you favorite brand of coffee. Excellent for warming up hot water for tea or hot chocolate.

The K cups can be very expensive. Anywhere from one dollar to 40 cents is the range I have found. Places like Sams Club have bulk boxes but even they can pricey.


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one small change


IF you would ever have a problem with ANY Keurig, it would be the minerals in water. Go with distilled water and you will never go back.

Fast, easy to keep clean, puts out thousands of cups and just keeps on going. THAT brings up the small change. Use only distilled water. Ignore all the blather about how good the minerals in the water taste, etc. If you can taste minerals in your water...

It is so easy and fast that I drink too much coffee.


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black friday sale


I got this on the black Friday sale and it was an great deal, was a gift for my in laws and they love it, and use it almost every day. the water filter on this model was a nice bonus and I'm glad i picked this one



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Neat Little Thing


The variety pack is sub-par at best, if you are a connoisseur of roasted goodness you should get other K cups right away.

This thing is pretty much ready to go out of the box, and with all of the different things you can put in it... possibilities are almost endless. I highly recommend this for the above-average coffee drinker.

Perhaps the one thing that I don't like is that I can't say anything bad about it...


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Great Product


Every variety of K-Cups I have tried so far have been excellent and this is an excellent product if you find yourself constantly ending up with extra coffee in the pot. Not a replacement for the traditional coffee maker but definitely an excellent...

-Makes a variety of different hot beverages.-Simple to operate.-Great for when you just need one cup of coffee and not a whole pot.

-The small setting makes a rather small cup of coffee. The large size makes a full cup but at the price of having a much weaker coffee. Not a major con just something that should be noted.


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Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System with bonus 12-count K-Cup Varity Pack and Water Filter 20029


It may cost more than a typical coffee maker but it's much easier to use and less wasted coffee..FYI, you don't HAVE to use the filter.. I already have a faucet filter so I'm good to go.. Those with normal tap water may want to use the filter..

Very easy to use and maintain.. Couldn't be simpler..

Costs more then your typical coffee maker but I knew this going in.. Not a big deal


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