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Very classy example of a espresso machine


My wife gave the red 'u' machine to me as a gift months ago . The first night I had at least 5 espressos then refinished the kitchen cabinets. A true and deep love was born. The unit itself is fantastic...retro but modern. Easy to fill the detachable...

Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Speed, Design


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Great until it broke after a year and a half


Loved this machine until after a year and a half of moderate use it started dispensing the coffee in the inner chamber rather then the spout. You can't have it repaired for a reasonable ($129 when it only costs $150) amount and it's designed in a way...

Easy to Use, size, Design


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Perfect addiction!


It is so great to have this luscious addition to my kitchen. I foresee another one in my motorhome. No more Starbucks for this coffee connoisseur. I'm hoping for some flavored coffees too!

Durable, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, size, Speed, Design


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Loving a great $4.00 cup of coffee at home for .70, gas cost = nada!


Having surpassed the 1400 individual capsule mark with our Nespresso machine and frother, we are delighted. This machine has paid for itself ten fold plus. It continues to "wow" friends. Family gatherings constantly turn me into a Barista as the...

Durable, Quality, Speed, Design


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Awesome performance and easy to use!!!!


I've used my Nespresso U for almost a year and no complaints!!! Easy to use and clean. I work for the Home Depot in Columbia, Mo so I purchased the orange!!!!!

Durable, Quality, Time-Saver, Power, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, size, Speed, Versatile, Quiet, Easy to Store, Design, cool colors


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Very noisy


I admit it makes a good cup of espresso but it is very noisy.

size, Speed, Easy to Store


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I wanted something simple...


I have been using my machine for over a year now. My first disappointment was the discoloration of the metal in the water tank. Mine looked rusted after a few weeks. Next the size selector stopped working. I have to stand there and stop it manually...

Easy to Clean, size, Design


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Less than perfect!


Got the machine for Christmas and am less than impressed. Have had problems with machine not brewing the correct amount of espresso on all three levels (even after resetting to factory levels). User manual is less than useless.

Easy to Use


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Fantastic product


Coming from Europa I have always loved Espresso, but till Nespresso it was not as easy to make. This is the best product I ever found. I am a true fan.

Durable, Quality, Time-Saver, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, size, Speed


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Quality not Quantity


If you enjoy the best the buck stops here. I love espresso and dark rich coffee. I have worked at the best resort here in hawaii and I make a quicker cleaner PERFECT cup every time in the privacy of my home. I dont know which one I like best the u or...

Quality, Time-Saver, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Quiet, Easy to Store, Design


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