Solis Master 5000 TYP 511 979.94/.95

Solis Master 5000 TYP 511 979.94/.95
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If your espresso is being drank, and not judged at a award show, this is a great machine!


This is my first superautomatic, and Im no expert, or espresso snob as some are. I wanted to make great espresso, without needing to win awards for each cup, or worring about the politics behind what "may" make a great cup. I did tons of research and...

Easy to use, makes great espresso based drinks

Grinder has a plastic cover over it that needs to be removed, its useless. Grinder is flat and beans often need to be pushed into grinder. Distributor says its perfectly fine to remove this dumb cover! Could use a 2nd hopper (I like to switch beans...


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Easy to use and maintain. Extremely reliable. Great value compared to other machines in this category.


We bought this machine for Xmas a year ago and have been very happy with our purchase. After a few years of struggling with another temperamental machine (can you say Francis Francis?) it's great to have such an easy-to-use and reliable machine....

Ease of use. Extremely reliable. Great value

No separate decaf bin. Spent grounds bin needs frequent emptying to avoid mold


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Worth seeking out if you aren't cought up on looks!


I've owned this for seven years and while it still works it now leaks water and grounds on the counter. They can still be bought new in 2007 and are worth buying for first time super automatic users on a budget. You used to be able to direct pipe this...

Easy entry level at time of purchase

older design even seven years ago it was a compromise! At the time you couldn't get anything under $1000 with a bypass doser and this unit could be run on a water line, a feature just as rare today


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good home machine, forget about it for office use - we have gone through two of these in one year - not again!


A nice home machine but we had it in the office where we killed two of them in one year. The mechanicals just aren't up to constant use.

Attractive, easy to use (once it's set up!), decent expresso, relatively easy to disassemble and clean

Difficult to set size/strength of brew - get one right and then leave it alone. Cryptic display/user interface for set up. When they say "light" office use, they mean it - this machine can not take the rigors of constant use


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great machine


529.00/as advertised..very competitive with other similar machines

built in grinder and storage,instant hot water dispenser,quick steam recharge

could use a larger water tank


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There are better machines since this machine first came out. For the money, I'd wait and get the Starbucks Italia digital on sale.


I've owned this machine just over a year. I "was" very pleased with it until a boiler gasket went. When I called I was told this was "normal" and should be done every year or two anyway. ???? HUH???? You must be kidding? All this to the tune of $130...

Good caps and latte ; Easy to use

Build is a bit weak.. too much plastic. Took a bit of time to bring up the temp for steam. Steam wand was always a bit squishy feeling


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Not for espresso fans, but a great on-demand coffee machine for the office.


Full disclosure: I'm one of those anal home roasters who has a dialed-in Mazzer Mini and an Isomac Tea at home.

Full disclosure: I'm one of those anal home roasters who has a dialed-in Mazzer Mini and an Isomac Tea at home ; We bought this for our office after my boss lost a bet. Most of the folks here (seven overall, five coffee drinkers) are used to...

Full disclosure: I'm one of those anal home roasters who has a dialed-in Mazzer Mini and an Isomac Tea at home ; We bought this for our office after my boss lost a bet. Most of the folks here (seven overall, five coffee drinkers) are used to...


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I really like it, good coffee/espresso and great convenience but problems with my unit make it a bad value for me.


After unpacking the machine and putting it in its new home, I filled it with water and primed it. I added coffee to the bin while the machine heated up and hit the button for a double 2 oz. shot to clear the machine of any test coffee and dust and...

A very simple machine to use. Add coffee and water, set the dial to the desired volume and hit the button. I like Americanos and my wife likes the 8 oz. cup. I generally dial it to .75-1.0 oz. and hit the button twice, hot water from the wand and...

Lots of plastic ; A little bit on the loud side, but the convenience balances that out ; I am a clean freak and the machine is hard to get as clean as I like it. I have not really noticed any change in the taste of the coffee due to not being able to...


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We loved the machine, but too many problems.


I've been using this machine for espresso, cappucino and cafe crema primarily, and it makes them all beautifully. My other half is totally NOT mechanically inclined, and loves the machine too. You can always see the water level, so you just have to...

Machine makes fantastic espresso and cafe crema

The bin for the beans is almost flat, so the beans won't flow properly. After every several cups, you have to lift the lid and push the beans over the hole to the grinder. What were they thinking


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Unless you want to spend double or triple the amount of the Solis 5000 Digital, buy this product!


I purchased this super auto last year (June 5, 2002) from Jay's Shaved Ice on York Road, Timonium in Baltimore Maryland. Jay's Shaved Ice has the best customer service and products around. I felt confidence in my customer support (Jay's Shaved Ice...

ease of use, easy to clean, easy to enjoy

I wish the bean hopper lid fit tighter and the frother was more industry standard