Fitbit Versa Special Edition(FB505)

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Fitbit Versa


For its second smartwatch, Fitbit is taking a more casual approach. As its name implies, the Versa is versatile in design, with myriad customizable clock faces, straps, and color options. It's versatile in functionality as well, capable of tracking all...

Sleek, lightweight design with lots of style options. Accurate fitness tracking. Guided workouts with Fitbit Coach. Stores music on-device. Long battery life. Supports female health tracking.

Swapping straps isn't easy. Thick bezel.

The Fitbit Versa offers just the right blend of smartwatch and fitness tracking features for a reasonable price.


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When it was first unveiled, the Fitbit Versa was positioned by the San Francisco-based health tech firm as a smartwatch, with a lighter design in comparison to previous devices, more personalization options, and with a battery life of over four days. ...

Lightweight design Fitbit’s most customizable wearable Relatively low price

Rounded design won't suit everyone Battery life not as good as Ionic No GPS

While its feature set isn’t quite on par with that of its bigger brother the Ionic, the Fitbit Versa feels like the same watch but with a lighter and friendlier design and a much lower price point.


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Fitbit Versa review:


I wake up to a buzzing on my wrist, in gentle pulses. It's my Fitbit Versa's alarm clock. I'm able to use the silent alarm because I'm wearing my Fitbit smartwatch to bed. I'm able to wear it to bed because Fitbit's new watch lasts several days on a...

The Fitbit Versa is a compact, lightweight smartwatch and fitness tracker with an improved interface for easier fitness stat readouts. It’s water-resistant to 50 meters, and works with iOS and Android. Many of the apps and watch faces are useful and...

Its battery life falls short of other Fitbit fitness trackers. The apps and watch faces aren’t always easy to load. Music transfer to the watch is complicated and limited. There's no on-board GPS and the charger is bulky. Tap-to-pay model costs a bit...

The Fitbit Versa is the best fusion of smartwatch and general fitness tracker under $200, if you can live with its limitations.


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Fitbit Versa Review: The Best Smartwatch Under $200


Convincing people they need a smartwatch isn't easy. Apple finally found its stride by emphasizing the Apple Watch's health and fitness capabilities and giving buyers tons of finishes and bands to choose from. Fitbit is taking the same approach, but...

Sleek, lightweight design Four-day battery life Female health-tracking features Insightful sleep analysis

Small app store No on-board GPS Limited actionable notifications

With improved design and thoughtful new features, Fitbit's Versa edges closer to taking Apple's smartwatch crown.


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[test] Fitbit Versa : autonome et discrète, mais limitée


Ca faisait un moment que je voulais mettre la main sur cette montre connectée : petite, élégante, discrète… Sur le papier elle cochait les bonnes cases pour donner envie de la porter, face à des montres souvent trop larges et assez vulgaires. Alors...

+ Compacte et fine ; + Autonomie record pour une montre full digitale ; + Compatible avec toutes notifications ; + Réponse possible aux SMS (via messages préenregistrés) sur Android ; + Compatible Deezer

– Finition plastique ; – L’écran ne s’allume pas toujours en levant le poignet ; – Faible taille de l’écran par rapport à la façade, avec une base trop épaisse ; – Pas de réveil intelligent ; – Pas de réponse aux SMS sur iPhone ; – Pas de streaming...

Un peu trop plastique, un peu trop limitée dans ses fonctions… Ce n’est finalement pas le coup de coeur avec cette versa. Pour le prix de la Versa (à partir de 199€, voire parfois


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Ok if you live in America and you want to download things like the New York Times but if you want to add a bank card to the wallet they only have 6 uk banks and 4 of these are MasterCard. don't waste your money on this watch spend a bit more and get a...


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This is so stylish and a great watch lovely slim face love it


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Wouldnt bother


I usually always buy cheaper options and my husband moans so I bought this version being an expensive and superior model to our current HR ones. Well we had it set up for less than 12 hours before the device disconnected from wifi and Bluetooth and...


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if u have tattoos this is not the fitbit for u


i love the watch its self its a grate peace of kit but if u have dark colored tattoos on yr wrist this watch is useless i am having to where it tight and on the inside of my wrist on the only patch of skin that is white and untattoo'd i never had this...


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Broke after 8 months.


The screen started glitching after only 8 months of having it. Ridiculous. Ive had problems with every fitbit ive had so never again. Although was brilliant when it worked.


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