Apple iPad mini 5 (2019)

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Apple iPad mini review (2019): Still the best small tablet


It took Apple three years to update the iPad mini, and the improvements here mean the wait was mostly worth it. This time, Apple gave its small tablet the same performance as its flagship iPhone XS, an improved screen, and support for its Apple Pencil....

Plenty of power ; Solid battery life ; Improved display ; Finally has Apple Pencil support

This design was dated even the last time around ; Unexciting cameras ; Comes with a slow 12W charger


Editor's Choice

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Apple iPad mini (2019)


Apple's iPad mini is the only small, premium tablet you should consider buying right now.

Powerful processor. Solid screen. Broad LTE options. Apple Pencil support. Light and easy to carry.

Compatible Apple Pencil isn't the better model. Aging design.

This year's iPad mini and the new iPad Air ($499) are basically bigger and smaller versions of each other. Here's how it steps up: The existing $329 iPad (just called iPad) is for all of your basic tablet needs. The $399 iPad mini is for people who...


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Apple iPad mini (2019) review


It turns out the iPad's mini-me is good for more than just a bit of gaming and Netflix

Light and portable ; Powerful and fast ; Display is excellent ; Surprisingly versatile

Design feels dated ; Cameras aren’t amazing… ; … and neither are the speakers ; Uses the older Apple Pencil

Dated design aside, the best small tablet money can buy, with an excellent mix of portability, power and apps.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Laptop Mag (

Apple iPad mini 2019


Great performance; Bright and colorful display; Apple Pencil support; Excellent battery life; Best app selection ; Large bezels; No USB-C; So-so cameras ; The new iPad mini is the most powerful and versatile small tablet for the money, complete with...

Large bezels; No USB-C; So-so cameras ; The new iPad mini is the most powerful and versatile small tablet for the money, complete with Apple Pencil support, though the design is a bit dated.

The new iPad mini is the most powerful and versatile small tablet for the money, complete with Apple Pencil support, though the design is a bit dated.


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Apple iPad mini review (2019): Small but mighty


Supreme power ; Best-in-class for the size ; TrueTone screen welcome ; Apple Pencil support

Design hasn't moved on ; Bezels are still huge ; Not a cheap option - it's pricier than the 9.7in iPad

There’s simply no better tablet at this size, with ultimate portability and unparalleled power for its price point.


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Apple iPad mini 5 (2019) review: A strange mix of the old and new


The new Apple iPad mini boosts performance and adds Apple Pencil support – if you liked the old mini, you'll love this one even more

Small and light ; Powerful ; Apple Pencil support

Big, fat bezels ; More expensive than the 9.7in iPad

For all that, though, it’s hard to criticise the iPad mini (2019) too much when it’s so superior to its rivals at this size. Despite its slightly old-fashioned appearance, it’s still a great tablet. It’s fast, has a wonderful display and is neat and...

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Apple iPad Mini 2019 review: A beloved classic with internal improvements and Apple Pencil support Review | ZDNet


It has a headphone jack, a Touch ID button, one camera on the back and one on the front, you don't have to think about battery life, and you can now use the Apple Pencil with it. If you want a small tablet, buy a new iPad Mini.

Diminutive size for a tablet ; Solid construction and simple design ; Lightning fast performance ; Apple Pencil support ; Long battery life ; 3.5mm headset jack

Large top and bottom bezels ; $130 cellular premium


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Apple iPad Mini (2019) tablet review

  (Arvosana Piilotettu)

The fourth-generation iPad Mini is the first new small iPad in more than three years. Despite the length of time between updates, the Mini is actually very similar in design to the old model. That's great news for anybody who has an older model that's...


IT Pro Recommended

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Apple iPad mini 5 (2019) review: If it ain’t broke...


Almost four years on, the new iPad mini is still every bit as good as always

Outstanding speed; Portable and convenient size; Beautiful display; Apple Pencil support

Few added features over the mini 4; reduced battery life

The 5th-generation iPad mini might not massively shake things up compared to its predecessor, but massive performance improvements combined with the mini's near-perfect form factor make Apple's diminutive tablet an absolute joy to use.


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Why Would Anyone Buy an iPad Mini in 2019?


The iPad Mini is not the best tablet Apple makes (that's the 11-inch iPad Pro). It's not the good enough tablet either (that's the iPad Air). It's the awkward one. A little too small, but a little too big, and demanding a fairly radical change to how...

A mini tablet is great for books, and even movies.

A mini tablet is great for books, and even movies.


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