Philips PFL80x8 (2013) Series

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Recommended by TR

Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : John Archer (

Philips 55PFL8008


Philips' flagship HD TV lives up to its premium status

Gorgeous design and build quality ; Excellent 2D and good 3D picture quality ; Endless picture flexibility

Complex to calibrate ; Uninspiring online service ; Sluggish smart menus

One final point worth making here is that the 55PFL8008’s Eco picture preset, with its Light Sensor support to help it continually adjust images in relation to your ambient light levels, is unusually good. In fact, if you’re looking to set pictures up...



Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : John Archer (

Philips 46PFL8008S


Philips' latest high-end TV comfortably keeps up with the Joneses.

Stunning picture quality ; Lovely slender design ; Ambilight is effective

It's a fairly complex TV to use ; More online video services would be nice ; The Smart interface is a little basic and sluggish

It’s worth adding here, too, that the huge array of picture adjustments at your disposal has enabled the Philips 46PFL8008S to receive the backing of the Imaging Science Foundation, leading to the appearance of an ISF-approved setting for Ambilight and...


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa (

Philips 55PFL8008


A great TV from Philips, with stunning performance across the board

Detailed 2D performance ; Real depth to 3D ; Great contrast ; Strong blacks ; Smooth, natural and stable movement

Confusing menus ; Smart TV functionality not as good as competitors

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Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa (

Philips 46PFL8008S LED-LCD TV overview


46PFL8008S/12PMR 1400Hz, anthrazit, Ambilight XL 3 sided, RC Keyboard + Pointer, Full HD, SmartTV, 3D Max, WiFi, Skypecam built-in

Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa (

Philips 55PFL8008 review


The Philips 55PFL8008 combines style, screen quality and sexy lighting to stunning effect

Ambilight is beautiful ; Great all-round picture ; Sexily slim, brushed-metal design

Not as smart as some ; Menus could be clearer

The Philips trips the light fantastic with its great picture and Ambilight tech


hcc best buy

Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : John Archer (

Philips 55PFL8008 review


Philips has long had a reputation in the TV world for going further than most when it comes to video processing. This trend continues with its new 55PFL8008.

Lovely steel design; excellent picture quality; Ambilight

Needs care with processing setup; sluggish smart interface; not enough mainstream video streaming


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Mike Lowe (

Philips 55PFL8008S 55-inch TV review


The Philips 55PFL8008S wants you to ignore the 4K revolution that - supposedly, at least - is just around the corner. By waving its Amblilight technology - which spills dynamic colour on to surrounding surfaces as derived from the on-screen image -...

Ambilight looks great, super sharp picture, good picture once tweaked via lots of advanced manual controls (and ISF presets), sound to rival anything in its class, 'smarter' than previous generation, thin bezel, attractive stand

Clouding can be prominent, less 'smart' than near competition, menus are slow, among priciest 55-inch in its class, Perfect Natural Motion looks over-smoothed, Ambilight isn't on bottom surface

Even if the Philips 55PFL8008S isn't as "smart" as the competition, the level of customisable picture control is smarter than much else out there that we've seen - and that's where the smart money is. All £2,500 of it.


Techradar Recommended 2013

Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Jamie Carter (

Philips 46PFL8008S review


A dark, brooding stainless steel design hides a home cinema sweetheart with convincing blacks

Black levels ; Excellent picture presets ; Double-sided remote ; Subwoofers & sound ; Netflix, Blinkbox & BBC iPlayer

Peak white glare ; No Lovefilm app ; Viewing angle ; Restricted pointer remote ; No MKV streaming

Ambilight impresses once again, while the floating design is incredibly effective. Its double-sided remote makes entering text on a TV at least a possibility, while the sound quality is nothing short of stunning.


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa : Tom Morgan (

Philips 46PFL8008S


An excellent TV for 2D and 3D video, but only if you put the work in to calibrate it


Ammattilaisten arvostelun tuottaa (

Philips 8008


Philips 8008 is a European model and the 2013 version of Philips' 8 series. It is positioned just below the flagship 9 series but still comes with Philips' latest picture systems, Smart TV features, and Philips' signature feature; Ambilight.

Philips’ Smart TV Premium platform is still close to useless in its current form. It works and acts more like a slow website than actual apps that you know from your smartphones and tablets. A few apps are available now but Netflix, for example, will...