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TCL 50UP130 Roku TV, 2016


That's because 4K resolution by itself, as we at CNET have spent years documenting , does almost nothing to improve image quality on its own. There's very little difference in performance between these 4K sets and the cheaper non-4K versions, despite...

Roku TV delivers the simplest, most comprehensive smart-TV experience on the market. A superb user interface puts its thousands of apps and streaming video on the same plane as regular TV. These TCLs are relatively inexpensive for 4K TVs, and offer...

4K resolution doesn't deliver a substantial improvement in image quality, making non-4K Roku TVs a superior value. Competing entry-level TVs from Vizio deliver better image quality for a similar price.

Even though 4K resolution doesn't improve their image quality, these TCL TVs' Roku-powered apps and low prices heighten their appeal.


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TCL 50UP130


The TCL UP130 television line offers accurate colors and an enhanced Roku TV remote that make it a top choice for users with limited budgets looking to make the jump to 4K.

Accurate colors. Roku TV with wireless, headphone jack-equipped remote.

Disappointing contrast and black levels.

Conclusions TCL's UP130 series puts big-screen, connected 4K television in reach of users on a budget. However, the entire category has become vastly more affordable than it was a few years ago thanks to the Roku TV platform used by TCL and other...


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TCL 50UP130 Review


The TCL 50UP130 Roku TV doesn't have nearly the best picture in our lineup, but it does have an easy interface that even the least tech-knowledgeable person can navigate. The remote is comfortable, has single -ouch access to popular streaming services...

The interface is easy to use even for the less tech savvy.

The color accuracy and contrast are not as good as with other sets.

This 4K TV is perfect for people on a budget who want something simple to operate.


Editors' Choice

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TCL UP130 4K Roku TV (2016) Review


A 4K-ready bargain with Roku built in? Sign us up.

If you want a super-convenient 4K TV and don't care about certain fancy extras, the UP130 series is an awesome choice. The picture quality isn't on the level with the year's priciest TVs, and you won't get forward-facing features like HDR...


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